Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag 17

We hope you enjoyed the first part of Message in a Bottle by Shaylynn Rose! Here’s part two! And in case you forgot to make note of it from Bar Rag 16, here’s where you can find the story to read:

5 responses to “Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag 17”

  1. Just checked this out ’cause I wondered why it’s shorter than the first and third part. There is something missing…it ends at 26:10 with a cracking sound in the middle of the sentence and “part 3 now”

  2. I heard that as well, but that’s the way the story was sent to us. I asked Rev to let her contact know about the problem. Hopefully we’ll have it corrected and updated within a reasonable amount of time.

    • I sent an email asking for verification that the file was as it was supposed to be. If I get an updated file, we’ll do everything we can to get it uploaded as quickly as possible.

      Thanks Charlie!

      • I just heard back – the file is supposed to be about an hour. We’re working on getting a new file that we’ll get uploaded as soon as possible.

  3. The file has been updated and is now complete! Please download the new version that is nearly an hour long.

    Thanks and we hope you enjoy!

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