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BevI hope you’ll check out my new show, Barbell, on Cocktail Hour. For this first show, I chatted with Cheri the Rev and Andy about my favorite go-to healthy foods. To recap, I talked about the importance of knowing your particular goals and having a plan to get there, including anticipating the hurdles that might get in the way. Armed with a plan, I was able to discover my own go-to healthy foods that help to satisfy my cravings for salty, sweet, spicy and crunchy when I’m feeling bored, hungry or stressed.

As I’ve said before, my vision for this show is to help facilitate a discussion about getting and staying healthy. It’s not about having a particular body or looking a certain way, but being happy in a healthy body that can take you wherever you want to go in this life. Please leave a comment or send me an email at bev at about what your favorite go-to healthy foods are and I’ll be sure to share them with the other listeners. Also, as we go forward with the show, I’d love to get your feedback about topics you would like for us to discuss.

In the meantime, find ways to eat healthy, keep moving, manage stress and most of all “own it” when it comes to your health. Peace.


19 responses to “Barbell with Bev Prescott – Healthy Go-To Foods”

  1. Oooooh pistachios. Even with the shell, I can put away an embarrassing amount of those…

    I have to limit myself to those and almonds and hide the bag, otherwise, I’ll just keep eating…and eating…and eating…

    • Try breaking the package down into serving size baggies. I was surprised at how well it works for limiting intake. When I have a cheese ball or chip craving, I never take the whole container with me but find a small bowl or cup and put some in that instead. It does help.

  2. Also, I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to snack a lot on freeze dried fruit. Since it still has all the sugar of the entire fruit, but people tend to eat a bunch of them, so they’re ingesting tons of sugar. What are your thoughts on that, Bev?

    • I totally agree with you, Nikki, about being careful not to eat too much dried fruit. That’s why it’s probably a good idea for people who are watching their calorie intake to know just how many calories are in a serving and what a serving size is in the first place. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean we can eat buckets of it. :).

      • I’m trying to be more aware of that. I eat way too fast. Always have, likely always will. And I will clean my plate no matter what. I’m trying to limit myself to healthy sized meals.

  3. I listened right before I went to the grocery store, so I was motivated to get the healthier stuff rather than brownies. I think I did ok… for the most part. 🙂

    I’ve been using the MyFitnessPal app to track calories and I like it, so that’s another app option for people to consider.

    Thanks for the first episode of Barbell, Bev!

    • Hey Lisa, you are most welcome. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and give us the advice on the MyFitnessPal App. Best of luck to you in reaching your health goals. You rock for passing up those brownies. Speaking of brownies, since you stopped by to comment, I’ll share my version of brownies in an upcoming show just for you. Take care!

  4. Go to snacks for me at work is fruit. I like strawberries and lots of them When the are out of season and not so sweet I sprinkle a bit of sugar in the raw on them. Not much though. Just enough to bring back the sweet. I love dill pickles too. I pre-pack my lunch every night. There is a bookstore(military)/snack shop down the hall. I do go there, but never buy the snack. They have nothing but junk food in there.

    • Mm, I love strawberries and pickles…just not together. ;). Thanks a million for stopping by to share your go-to healthy foods, Mary. Have a great week.

  5. Made some snacks yesterday. Oatmeal/almond/walnut/dried berries mix baked and cut into snack bars. Got the recipe from Good Housekeeping article from Dr. Oz. Super easy to make and gave me a granola bar for each day for two weeks.

  6. has anyone seen the Dr. Oz show with the youngish indian (from india) female Dr. she had some interesting suggestions i wrote them down but can’t find where i put it ?
    oh and i crave sweets big time when i’m stressed i suck at dieting but when i was successful at it i ate high fiber breakfasts and made that my biggest meal of the day i have no health go to foods most everything i like is full of fat and sugar so i slowly decrease my portions and i know this is not considered a good thing to do but i had that really love treat
    right before bed and a very small amount but it gave me something to look forward to and keep me being good all day ; )

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