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As many of you learned from Nikki’s chat with Guinevere Turner on the last Flicks and Swizzle Sticks, there’s a new feature-length film on the way. We at Cocktail Hour Productions want to help out and we need YOUR help to make it happen. One of the perks that donors can get, at a $250 level, is having a drawing or image included in the set. As graffiti in a restroom, to be exact. Which seems like a great fit for CHP! So we’re hoping that you wonderfully generous listeners will use our PayPal link and kick in a few dollars. If we can raise $250, we’ll submit the Cocktail Hour logo. If everyone is SUPER generous and we can raise $500, we can submit the bearded clam, too! The Cocktail Hour team is kicking in out of our pockets, too, and collectively, I think we can do it!

To make it totally worth your money – because helping make a film is awesome but you want something tangible, right? – we’ll send every donor to the CHP/Creeps fund some Cocktail Hour (or Bearded Clam, if you prefer) magnets and buttons. Awesome, right?!

All contributions to CHP designated for Creeps made on or before 11/23 will be donated to the Creeps Indiegogo fundraising drive, whether we make our goal or not. Sound good? Excellent! Now, please, click on the link above or the “donate” button to the right of your screen and help us get CHP a spot in the shitter!

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