Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Dystopia

I feel like it has been far too long since I have been able to talk about movies with my buddies! This time I got to sit down with a friend of mine (and sometimes movie adventure buddy) Amy Dawson Robertson to talk about some extremely thought-provoking dystopian films. Amy, you are required to come back to my kitchen so that we can continue chatting about all things dystopia! Our choices for this show were: 1984, Children of Men, Soylent Green, and District 9. Amy brought along some surprisingly tasty Lagunitas Day Time Ale, a fractional IPA with lower alcohol content for day drinking. I don’t normally go for ‘hoppy’ ales, but this one I did enjoy.

We have no giveaways to announce, since we took care of the Disney prize during the Best of 2013 extravaganza. However, you can get in on another drawing with this show! Just comment below to get entered to win one of the movies discussed. It’s as simple as that!

We really did try to keep away from spoilers in this episode, even though Soylent Green is probably the most spoiled movie in history. So no spoilers in the comments! I know, it can be irresistible. Oh, and if you want to pick up any of Amy’s books, you can find them on Amazon right here.


8 responses to “Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Dystopia”

  1. Citizen Kane #10.

    Also, since I have a difficult time hearing while watching things on the TV, I always use the captions. It’s great for not missing any words when there are accents or fast or soft talkers.

  2. Loved listening to the show!
    Nikki, you were curious about the inclusion of Nigerians in the movie – there is historical contextual motivation for this. A large criminal element moved into the urban environment and squatter camps (shack cities) in Southern Africa.

    The use of local talent, cultural and historical elements really gave weight to this movie.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    • I was wondering if you knew the answer to that one, Blu!

      Super helpful!

      And good luck in the drawing

  3. The only one I hadn’t seen was Children of Men. I remember seeing 1984 and Soilent Green when they came out.finally saw District 9 on cable couple years ago. Liked all of them in there day. Although I recall Charlton Heston over acting. He was the William Shatner of the time.
    Good show! Looking forward to you guys doing more dystopian shows.

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Marie! I really enjoyed Children of Men, I think you will too.

      Oh yes he TOTALLY overacted. Hmm maybe William Shatner is the Charlton Heston of today!

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