Conversations at the Bar – Andrea Bramhall

Andy and I had the pleasure of chatting with Andrea Bramhall this morning and, wow, we had a really great time. Not only is Andrea a blast to chat with, Andy and I are both ready to dive into all of her books.

Give a listen and then head on over to either Bold Strokes Books or Amazon and check her out.

3 responses to “Conversations at the Bar – Andrea Bramhall”

  1. Really enjoyed the conversation! Haven’t read any of Andrea’s books yet, but just went over and got Nightingale and Lady Fish! They all sound good, but I have to wait on the other.
    Thanks for doing the show! I always enjoy them!

  2. I’ve purchased both Ladyfish and Nightingale from Audible but have only listened to Ladyfish so far. I LOVED it! Sure sounded like there was an opening for book 2..? Keep writting and keep putting out on audio! 😉

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