Episode 97 – The Girl on the Train

Welcome to episode 97! This time around, we nabbed our favorite co-host Colette Moody and chatted about The Girl on the Train by debut author Paula Hawkins. And after that, we talked about video games for a little while. That was a lot of fun but Andy was a buzz-kill and made us stop.

We’re giving away some Cocktail hour merchandise for this show! Leave a comment letting us know what alcoholic beverage you’d love to see available in a can and you could win your choice of a Cocktail Hour coffee mug, pint glass, or key chain! Comment no later than March 6th to be eligible to win.

Hope you enjoy the show!


4 responses to “Episode 97 – The Girl on the Train”

  1. I LOVED Leather Goddesses of Phobos!!! I also love when Collette Moody is on the show. She has such a great voice, is hilariously funny, and has a totally contagious laugh. I don’t like any beverages in a can because the aluminum spoils the taste. But if it’s rotgut enough, it probably wouldn’t matter, so how about grain alcohol in a can?

  2. Excellent discussion ladies. I agree that Rachel made horrible choices all the way through the book. I enjoyed the listen and think Colette should always use her Julie Andrews voice when Ben g interviewed. 🙂

  3. I’d love a show about games, especially games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and even Skyrim to some extent for how they are becoming more inclusive of LGBT characters and storylines. Did you guys know about the “Let’s Play” boom over at YouTube and other gaming related sites like Twitch? My computer is crappy as heck, so I can’t play most of these games, but watching them–especially through the lens of an accomplished player who uses the framework of the game to create a storyline that has a unique feeling is really cool. Some of the players are very relaxed and just showing off the game itself, others go to great lengths to create intricate back stories for their characters–even going so far as to eschew the actual main storyline of the game to play modded content, making an old game feel new and interesting.

    As for a drink in a can–I don’t actually drink, but since my comment relates to games, how about canned versions of something from the Elder Scrolls ‘verse like Sujamma, Flin, Matze, Greef, or Shein? Most would probably taste so awful anyway that the canning process wouldn’t change it. I’d suggest Nord Mead, but what a terrible thing to do to mead.

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