Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Chittles Grab Bag

I have been waiting two years for this podcast! I (Nikki) was joined by Kate (the wife) and Mike (the brother) for this extra special hour-long extravaganza. The rules for this show were as follows:

  1. Each pick one movie with a back-up option
  2. The movies had to be significant to us as a family
  3. No research allowed!
  4. Add alcohol

I cheated and chose two, but I would have been remiss (that’s the word!) if I hadn’t included Moulin Rouge, as we have watched that movie an obscene number of times as a family. The others we discuss are Into The Woods, The Others, and The Goonies. Quite a wide range of options in this bunch (with 50% Nicole Kidman representation!), so there should be something for everyone in this show. I very much apologize that it’s been so long since our last podcast, but I promise to have another one in the hopper for next month. I’m back on the scene, I swear!

For this show, we “enjoyed” some Bud Light Rita Fiestas, which we learned later are much better on ice!

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