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  • Bar Rag 33 – Susan X. Meagher

    Susan dropped by to clarify the name of her new book.  Yes, she’s gone back to the title How to Wrangle a Woman (and for good reason).  AND wait, there’s more…wait for it…a reading!  Brisk Press has also allowed us to give you an exclusive preview of the new book cover!  WOOT.  Enjoy. You will […]

  • Episode 33 – Susan X. Meagher

    Hello, dear listeners! It’s me, Rev. I got to co-host this fine episode and Andy and I were graced with the company of the iconic Susan Meagher (it’s pronounced Mah-her). The entire show was a pure delight – from the delicious Old Fashioned to the discussion of the decline of the old Xenaverse community. I […]

  • Episode 24 – The Anniversary Show

    Episode 24 – The Anniversary Show

    For our 1st anniversary, we picked two of our favorite stories: All That Matters by Susan X. Meagher and Madam President by Blayne Cooper and T. Novan. We also had a couple of our favorite drinks that were featured during our first year. I had Sex with Jennifer but Andy got the Orgasm. But we […]