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  • Conversations at the Bar with Melissa Brayden

    Andy and I are always happy to chat with Melissa Brayden. I mean, who doesn’t? She’s witty and smart and that shines through in her new book, Kiss the Girl. We did spent most of this short chat talking about other people’s books but it was a lot of fun and you should listen and check […]

  • Barbell with Bev Prescott Featuring Special Guest Shawn Cady

    Hey there dear listeners! Here’s a note from Bev Prescott: I had the privilege of chatting with Andy and my friend, Shawn Cady, about Shawn’s journey to good health. I met Shawn a couple of years ago at the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference when she was just beginning her journey. I’ve had the pleasure […]

  • Cocktail Hour Episode 69 – Favorite GCLS Moments

    Hey everyone! We weren’t really scheduled to do a show but we just had to do this one. Andy and I debated on whether to classify this as a standard show or something else but we decided to just go with a Cocktail Hour show. Mostly because we were giggling about it being episode 69… […]

  • Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag 24

    Our own Peyton Andrews (that’s Andy) was asked to moderate the Wives Panel at the recent GCLS Convention. We thought it would be fun to share that with you. Our buddy, Ginny, filmed it for us and our other buddy, Brenda, put the video together for us. There are some pretty good questions and answers […]