Category: L-Book

  • Episode 21 – Jae

    We were thrilled when Jae agreed to join us on Cocktail Hour and we certainly weren’t disappointed with the conversation. We hope you won’t be disappointed, either! As usual when we have a book or author that I’m super excited about, I rambled on a lot. Andy was patient, as always. I just couldn’t help […]

  • Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag #5

    A couple of L-Book authors drop in to chat with Andy for a bit. Poet Shawn Blackhawk shares info on her dark and brooding poetry, tattoos,├é┬áreadily and abundantly available sushi, and the many varieties of SPAM. Jeanine Hoffman discusses her books, the writing Goddess Winter Pennington, and the fun to be had at GCLS. Jeanine […]