Category: Fundraising

  • Conversations at the Bar with Jove Belle and Cake

    Jove Belle stopped by to chat with us about her brand-spanking new novella, Cake, among other things. Being the generous soul she is, Jove’s donating 10% of the profits from the sale of Cake to World Food Programme so if you needed another reason to pick up the novella, here’s your chance to give to […]

  • Conversations at the Bar with Jennifer DiMarco on Chris Anne Wolfe

    Author, publisher, friend, and activist for the late Chris Anne Wolfe, Jennifer DiMarco joined Andy to discuss Ms. Wolfe’s published novels and efforts to get several of her unpublished work in the hands of readers. Go have a listen and, if you can, make a donation, then buy a novel. You can check out the […]

  • Bar Rag – Help Cocktail Hour Help Creeps!

    As many of you learned from Nikki’s chat with Guinevere Turner on the last Flicks and Swizzle Sticks, there’s a new feature-length film on the way. We at Cocktail Hour Productions want to help out and we need YOUR help to make it happen. One of the perks that donors can get, at a $250 […]