Category: Author Reading

  • Bar Rag – Jove Belle

    Andy and Jove Belle spent some quality time together last week. Here’s a note from Andy: Hey gang, it’s a new Bar Rag featuring Jove Belle who took the time to read from her book Love and Devotion. Did we stop there? I think not. Jove also gave us a preview of things to come. […]

  • Bar Rag – Susan X. Meagher Reads from The Crush

    That’s right, dear listeners, Susan X. Meagher is back and she’s reading a chunk from her new book, The Crush. There’s some chatting, too, because we love Susan. We hope you’ll enjoy the talk and the great story. And she said “pussy” so I giggled a little bit. My mic was muted so you can’t […]

  • Bar Rag – Patty G. Henderson Reads from Passion for Vengeance

    The awesome Patty G. Henderson shares a reading from her new historical, gothic novel, Passion for Vengeance. You don’t want to miss this! Click here to buy or download a sample of Passion for Vengeance.

  • Bar Rag – Layce Gardner Reads from A Perfect Romance

    Sit back and enjoy nine minutes of fun with the lovely and hilarious Layce Gardner. And then run out and read her books! You can see what Layce is up to by regularly checking out her website, I’m listening to the reading as I’m typing this and I’ve laughed several times already. Jesus, Layce […]