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  • Conversations at the Bar with KD Williamson

    What a great time we had chatting with author KD Williamson! We were supposed to be talking about her new novel, which is burning up the Amazon charts, but quickly got into a fun discussion about video games. We did get back around to Blurred Lines, though, so be sure to listen to the whole […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Lee Winter and The Red Files

    Debut author Lee Winter joins us to chat about The Red Files. Don’t let the “dings” dissuade you from listening! Give a listen and then check out the book. You can download a sample or purchase a copy of The Red Files by clicking here.

  • Conversations at the Bar – Emma Weimann

    Debut author Emma Weimann honored Cocktail Hour with her interview debut. As you would expect, we were very gentle with her. Give a listen and get entered to win one of the many prizes Emma’s publisher, Astrid, is offering up. Emma’s got a lot of pull with Astrid – since they’re the same person and […]