Episode 118: Susan X. Meagher and Chef’s Special

Susan Meagher does it again with a great romance, Chef’s Special, and we’re so happy that she took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about it. Hope you enjoy it!

Susan is offering up your choice of paperback or ebook of Chef’s Special to one lucky reader. Leave Susan a suggestion for a future book in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win. Comments must be posted on or before February 3rd, 2017 to be eligible. Good luck!

4 responses to “Episode 118: Susan X. Meagher and Chef’s Special”

  1. Well, I just purchased the book and can’t put it down. So don’t need to win a free one. However, I like to help an author in need. So l’d like to remind Susan about the idea of an aquaculture (oyster farming). And I’d be happy to join you in the oyster eating next time your on the Cape. Or I could take a trip into the city, for research purposes!

  2. Hi, good show cheered me up here in brexit Britain, how about 2 women play the same sport in the same city on rival teams. I’ve read chef’s special in ebook it’s good .on my read again list

  3. Haven’t read Chefs special, its on my tbr list. The show made me smile, thanks I needed that. Honestly I was such a fan of Almost Heaven and Cody, would like to see something more on those 2 ladies. But not sure you can do more with them, it was so good.

  4. Hi, enjoyed the show, have read the ebook. Being a chef thought the book was very good,not to much food and a good insight into how some top kitchens work. I have an idea
    Two women both in witness protection meet, not knowing the other is in the witness program. Can’t share their past but try to have a future together.

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