Episode 120: Catalyst with Fletcher DeLancey

Prolific science fiction author Fletcher DeLancey is back with us to talk about her newest addition to the Chronicles of Alsea series, Catalyst. We always have a great time with Fletcher and I’m certain this will be no different.



6 responses to “Episode 120: Catalyst with Fletcher DeLancey”

  1. Tonight was my first Cocktail Hour Show. Thank you for hosting this show, and thank you, Fletcher, for a fantastic series. Love The Chronicles of Alsea. Looking forward to your next book.

    • Thank you, Gerd! I’m delighted you came by the Cocktail Hour; Andy and Rev are fun hosts and we always have a good time chatting about past and future stories. You might like to know that the next book is wrapping up its time with the last two beta readers and I’m getting green lights across the board (which is gratifying since these betas are both straight, never read lesbian fiction other than mine, and one is a man…so they are pretty hard on me). So it all looks good for an autumn release!

    • Sholokhov is a frustrating character, isn’t he? You really want to hate him, but…

      And I think that in the end, he came to respect Ekatya in his own twisted way. Her stubborn refusal to become a yes-woman drove him nuts but at the same time, he would have discarded her like a used shoe had she behaved the way he claimed he wanted her to.

  2. Soooo gonna listen to this after work!!!!!
    I know I will spoiled some stuff for myself as I just start the Series. It is just sooo good!

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