Episode 139: Fletcher DeLancey and Resilience

We’re very happy to have one of our favorite author people joining us to talk about her newest novel. Fletcher DeLancey is back to chat with us – and you – about Resilience, the latest installment in the Chronicles of Alsea series.

The show is live on January 5, 2019 at 3pm CST/4pm EST.

4 responses to “Episode 139: Fletcher DeLancey and Resilience”

  1. OMG, those technical problems. *shakes fist at Google* Seriously! I checked in half an hour before the show and then spent 40 minutes making Google Hangouts work. In the end I had to download Chrome just to run the Hangouts.

    But it was all worth it for another fun chat with two of my favorite ladies, aided by commentary from some great readers.

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