Episode 24 – The Anniversary Show

For our 1st anniversary, we picked two of our favorite stories: All That Matters by Susan X. Meagher and Madam President by Blayne Cooper and T. Novan. We also had a couple of our favorite drinks that were featured during our first year. I had Sex with Jennifer but Andy got the Orgasm. But we were both satisfied. And talkative.

We’ve moved over to our brand new home so be sure to adjust your bookmarks to reflect http://cocktailhour.us. And if you’re interested in supporting Cocktail Hour and get some merchandise, too, please head over to www.cafepress.com/cocktailhour.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the past year as much as we have. Thank you to everyone who has listened and helped us and supported us. We appreciate you!



One response to “Episode 24 – The Anniversary Show”

  1. Thank you for telling about additional chapter in All That Matters!
    And about writing process of Madam President, I hear that it was done over the IM.

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