Bar Rag 29 – Cole Armocida

I heard about Cole from a Facebook buddy and loved her music. If you enjoy rock n’ roll, you’ll love Cole!

Give a listen and then check out You can also find Cole at


If you love what you hear and have to buy the CD right now, here’s where you can do it:



5 responses to “Bar Rag 29 – Cole Armocida”

  1. Awesome singer, songwriter, and musician!!! This CD really rocks!! A great gift for yourself or for anybody who loves good rock music! Great way to support our own community!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Haven’t been this blown away by a musician in a long time! The music is tight ,vocals are beyond amazing, and the songwriting is a true gift Ms. Armocida has been blessed with.

  3. I absolutely love this cd! Liked the rock and roll as well as the slow ballads. I believe Cole is a remarkable talent, wonderful songwriter, and has an amazing voice. Buy it, you won’t regret it!

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