Episode 32 – The Holiday Episode with Colette Moody

Deck the halls with booze and boobs, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa!

This extra special holiday episode features guest co-host Colette Moody and plain old guest me, Rev. You should already be able to tell that this isn’t going to be your standard, feel good holiday show.  I totally blame Andy and Colette for selecting a book about grizzly murders featuring dismemberment, The Alienist by Caleb Carr. That just sort of set the tone for the rest of the show. Well, that and the pork manger and zombie apostles.

Along with our chat about a serial killer story set in 1896 New York, we talked about our favorite holiday films, my apparent fascination with nuns, hot chicks who are now either dead or just old, Christmas poo, and Julie Andrews’ tits. Give a listen! There’s something for everyone!

The drink was a major hit, too: Airmail Punch. Here’s how you make it:

  • 1 oz light run
  • .5 oz fresh lime juice
  • .5 oz honey syrup (2 parts honey, 1 part water)
  • 2.5 oz your favorite champagne
  • Garnish: nutmeg
  • Glass: chilled teacup
Add all ingredients except the champagne to an ice filled shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled teacup filled that contains one large ice cube. Top with the champagne and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg. While my wife declared, yet again, that it was the most vile thing she’d ever tasted, Andy, Colette, and I loved it. Andy and I both intend to make more of them today. They made me want to slap my mama!
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