Episode 35 – Melissa Good

Prolific author Melissa Good was our extra special guest for this episode.  She was just back from the not-so-final Xena Con so we got lots of info on what was going on there – including the Con Crud she contracted. Her illness and Andy’s non-drinking left me, Rev, the sole imbiber. The mojito was delish! I’d never had one before and the rum hit me like a ton of bricks. All I could taste was the lime. I’m thankful that I only had one or else I would have passed out before we said goodbye. Although, I don’ t think Andy let us say goodbye anyway. She’s like that, you know.

We had a great chat about Ms. Good’s vast collection of online and published work, as well as her involvement in writing a couple of Xena episodes in the 6th season of the show and the Xenaverse.

If you’re a fan of Melissa Good’s work, you definitely don’t want to miss this one! And be sure to check out her website (http://www.merwolf.com) for loads and loads of great stuff to read.

Here’s the recipe for the Mojito Martini I enjoyed:

3 oz light rum
mint leaves
2 oz lime juice
1/2 tsp sugar

Wet the rim of a cocktail glass and press down in sugar to get it on the rim. Put mint leaves and lime juice (per drink) in a cocktail shaker. Mash (“muddle”) the mint with spoon. Add light rum and ice. Shake, strain, pour. If it’s too tart, add sugar to the shaker.

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3 responses to “Episode 35 – Melissa Good”

  1. I think the Xenaverse community is as strong as ever but a lot of the fans are online these days due to the economy, distance and time and how the Internet has developed since those early chat rooms back in the early 90s.

    I’ve watched the show since it first aired (I was 5) and attended my first con this year due to the fact that I was finally old enough to fly over to LA from the UK. I’d never had money before but I’d always wanted to go. I talked to ALOT of fans who were in similar positions. We’d grown up watching the show and now were finally there to participate in the Xenalovefest!

    Meetups, gatherings and unofficial conventions are still taking place all over the world. Considering it’s a show thats been off-air for 11 years now we’re still going!

  2. My answer to “who would ya frak?” DEV!!! Read “Partners”. Its some of the best work Melissa’s done 🙂

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