Episode 39 – Anne Laughlin

Hey listeners! Rev here and I’m going to tell you about the podcast you’re about to enjoy. At least, I hope you’ll enjoy it. I joined Andy and our friend, Megan, to talk about Veritas and Runaway by the fantastic Anne Laughlin.

This was the first episode that has been done using Google + and I think we all found the video aspect a bit distracting. Well, the video aspect along with the effects that let us have hats, facial hair, and other cool stuff. And, of course for Megan and I, there was a much larger reason for distraction and it included Southern Comfort. I listened to the show this morning and had to laugh at myself for declaring the Southern Screw a drink that I wouldn’t be making again. I stuck to that for about 50 minutes. Then drink number two came out and I became obviously drunk. I have to apologize up front for my crude comments regarding the lovely author, Xenia Alexiou. Very sorry. Megan, however, got quiet. Not because she was contemplative or passed out but because she kept changing up her appearance.

Give a listen and feel free to weigh in with your comments. In the mean time, here’s a little video on how I made the Southern Screw.

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