Episode 46 – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Colette Moody was our special guest to discuss Gillian Flynn’s third novel, Gone Girl. There are some mixed feelings about the book. One thing’s for sure, this show is as filled with spoilers as the book is filled with crazy and despicable characters. Seriously, don’t listen to this show if you haven’t read the book and think you’re going to want to – unless you don’t like to be surprised. If that’s the case, you should listen right now! Now, I say!

In complete contrast to the conversation, the drinks were tame: beer for me and Andy and a Diet Mountain Dew for Moody.

If you don’t need a likable character and enjoy crazy, pick up Gone Girl. I liked it, but I do recommend the audiobook version. I think it really added to the story. Let us know what you think!

We have a big finish with the dropping of a ginormous bombshell! Even though Moody sort of ruined it with her incredible enthusiasm. Be sure to stick with us through to the end.


7 responses to “Episode 46 – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn”

    • I’m not sure I know you but I think you’ve pretty much just called me a bitch so an appearance may not be necessary.

      What ain’t us guys right about? We’re wrong in so many ways that I’m hoping you can elaborate. We like to know what to keep on doing!

    • Ok, I’ve just been in touch with Andy and I think you may actually get to call me a bitch on the show afterall. We’ll count this one as a practice shot, how’s that.

      Andy tells me you write Rizzles fics. What’s your author name? A bunch of us on the forum have been reading some and enjoying it.

      • I assure you I meant it affectionately. And I always post under my own name or as Skeeter451. I’ve only written one Rizzles, it’s at my LJ or on fanfiction.net. Hope to talk with you soon.


        • If there’s anyone who can understand calling someone a bitch in affection, it’s me. I look forward to mutual bitch calling during a recording session. And I also look forward to checking out your fics.

          Take care!

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