Episode 55 – Gray Line by Windstar and Zee

Welcome back to Cocktail Hour! Andy and I have a great story to share with you for this episode. We read the epic, Gray Line by Windstar and Zee. And I do mean epic. It’s a three parter and each part is novel or novella length, but it is absolutely worth your time. Here’s a link to the first part: http://xenafiction.net/scrolls/windstar_and_zee_gray_line.html

We didn’t imbibe in any cocktails this episode. I had too much last night and Andy, well, she tells you why she was booze free during the show.

We’ll be back with the Listener’s Choice show in two weeks! We’ll be reading Exposure by XWP Fanatic and T. Novan along with The Boar Hunt by Xenafyre. Here are some links if you want to read along with us: http://ausxip.com/exposure/season1.html and http://www.academyofbards.org/fanfic/x/xenafyre_theboarhunt1.html. Thanks to Alena (& Nikki) and Gloria for the suggestions! We’ll be in touch to get you some prizes. And a huge “thank you!” to everyone who submitted suggestions. You guys ROCK!

Now head over to www.audibletrial.com/cocktailhour to get yourself a little gift to listen to while you do your holiday shopping!

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12 responses to “Episode 55 – Gray Line by Windstar and Zee”

  1. Andy reminded me this morning that we didn’t play WWYF. How could we have forgotten that?? Well, we need to fix that, don’t we?

    My pick would be Dianna. I’m mean, how could it not be? Hello!

  2. Heard from Zee and she said the epilogue is only available on their yahoo group. I did a quick search and couldn’t find a link but will track it down. If any of you are members of that group, please post the info if you see this before I’m able to do it.


  3. @Windstar and Zee: Give us that sequel for Secret History of Vampires! It would make a beautiful christmas present! Pretty Please!

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