Episode 56 – Listener’s Choice!

That’s right! This is the long awaited Listener’s Choice show. Thanks to Gloria, Alena, and Nikki, we had two stories to read: The Boar Hunt by Xenafyre (http://www.academyofbards.org/fanfic/x/xenafyre_theboarhunt1.html) and Exposure by T. Novan and XWP Fanatic (http://ausxip.com/exposure/season1.html). Be warned that this show is spoiler packed. Full of them!

Andy and I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve and the best of everything in upcoming year. We’ve declared 2013 the Year of Cocktail Hour Productions! We hope you join Andy and me and all the other members of the Cocktail Hour family this year for loads of fun and great books, fics, movies, and conversations. Thank you all for sticking with us for so long and we can’t wait to bring you more listening joy!


Here’s a link where you can see Gloria with her snazzy Cocktail Hour mug!  http://cocktailhour.us/pic/swag

5 responses to “Episode 56 – Listener’s Choice!”

  1. I was just now able to listen to this and was thrilled! It’s great to know I wasn’t the only one to call BS on the conflict in The Boar Hunt! And I have recommended the Exposure series to new members of my Facebook group on may occasions! By the by, I share links for your shows, too! Thanks for the time and work you put into this and keep it up!

    • Please feel free to post a link to your FB group!

      I’m big on Google+, do you have a community there? If you don’t and decide to create one, I’ll be happy to help get the word out!

      Thanks for listening and for spreading the word in the community. We truly appreciate it!

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