Bar Rag – Ashley Bartlett

Hey gang! Bold Strokes Books author Ashely “Ash” Bartlett stopped by to read an excerpt from the second book in her Dirty series, Dirty Money. But wait, there’s more – we waxed on all types subjects; mainstream books, depressing 50s lesbian pulp fiction, getting lost in San Francisco, how totally hot Kate Beckinsale is in her cat suit…er…body suit, must see TV (not Xena), and yes, Honey Boo Boo.

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2 responses to “Bar Rag – Ashley Bartlett”

  1. “that’s how you tell how old a lesbian is”
    Haha, truth! I may have been an unknowing high schooler at the time, but at least the draw of Scully still had me watching X Files. 🙂

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