Conversations at the Bar – Sarah Ettritch

Sarah Ettritch spent a bit of time with Andy and me tonight to chat about her books and what she’s got planned for the near future. If you’d like more information about Sarah and her work, be sure to visit her site: You can buy her books through our Amazon Store by going to Sarah’s Amazon page.

As a bonus for you lovely listeners, Sarah is offering up your choice of one of her books, paperback or ebook! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite Ettritch book is or, if you don’t have one, what you liked about this particular podcast. Please have your comments posted before 4/6. The winner will be announced on the next show so be sure to tune in!

Andy and I want to give a huge thanks to Sarah for coming on to talk with us and for giving each of us a book, too! We LOVE presents!

Now go pick up a book or several – she’s got something for just about everyone!

7 responses to “Conversations at the Bar – Sarah Ettritch”

  1. Sarah is one of my favorite authors. I love her book Threaded Through Time. I can relate to Margaret’s struggle and then acceptance of her feelings. I find Margaret’s learning process in the modern world quite hilarious. But if I have to pick a favorite book or books in this case, I’d say The Rymellan Series. I fell in love with Mo and Leslie right away from the first story, The Dance. It broke my heart when they have to say goodbye to each other. The introduction of Jayne in the second book and the struggles the Triad has to face in the third book made the storyline more captivating. Flaming Argamon, I can’t wait for the fourth book!

  2. I haven’t read any of Sarah Ettritch’s books yet, so this podcast was a useful introduction to her work. It was very interesting to hear about the diary from 1910 that she consulted to help make the historical aspects of her work more authentic. Sarah’s recommendations of different books as an entry to her work was also helpful to me. I’m planning to check out Threaded Through Time, The Salbine Sisters and the Rymellan series.

  3. Quite the variety of books. I, too, thought it was interesting that you found an old journal which helped with ideas for Threaded Through Time. Seems like an intriguing set. I’ll definitely be adding some books to my list!

  4. Lisa T. you will love Sarah’s books she is a terrific writer….enjoy them. I have read every one so far an loved them

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