Episode 63 – Susan X. Meagher

I was looking forward to this show for months and it was even more fun than I had hoped. Susan X. Meagher chatted with Andy and me about her newest book, Almost Heaven, which we both absolutely loved. LOVED!

We also talked about what Susan has in the works and I know you’re going to be as excited about them as we are. Be sure to head over to Brisk Press and see all that Susan has to offer. She’s a fantastic storyteller and I just know you’ll find something there that you’ll fall in love with. I know I ended that sentence with a preposition but “something with which to fall in love” just doesn’t feel right. Susan’s website is http://www.susanxmeagher.com/ so check there regularly, too.

And, please, don’t forget to feed the bards. For those of you not part of the Xenaverse, that means that writers love to get feedback from readers so please let them know if you’ve enjoyed their work. The sense of accomplishment and joy one gets from knowing that their work – no matter what it is – was enjoyed or appreciated or moved someone emotionally is the very best reward one can get. Who doesn’t love a pat on the back from their boss? Readers are the bosses for authors. Give your favorites some pats on the back in the form of an email or Facebook post that you tag them in or anything just to let them know that you appreciate what they’ve done. It makes such a big difference. Ok, that was on my mind and I wanted to share it with you.

Ms. Meagher has very generously offered up FIVE books to give away to our wonderful listeners. Winners will have their choice of Susan’s books and also the choice of ebook or paperback. She’s very easy, just the way we like our guests. Get your comment posted letting us know what your favorite part of this episode is and which of Susan’s works is best! All comments must be posted no later than 4/19. Good luck!

Be sure to take a couple minutes and head over to the Best of 2012 Awards post and make your voice heard! Pick your favorite Cocktail Hour, Flicks & Swizzle Sticks, and Bar Rag/Conversations at the Bar episode.

Thanks for listening. I can’t tell you how much Andy and I appreciate you sharing in the happiness with us.

22 responses to “Episode 63 – Susan X. Meagher”

    • I went to sleep at 3am and nearly drug my ass out of bed to post the show for you. I woke up at 8 thinking about it so I dedicate this one to you.

      Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  1. My favorite parts of this show…Cheri’s idea of extra scenes to give us little snippets of characters lives…the entire discussion about Almost Heaven (I bought it while listening). My favorite of Susan’s work is All That Matters and Arbor Vitae. My votes for the title of Susan’s DC story is The Cocktail Hour or Cocktails. And finally my favorite quote from the show, “This is a penis free book.” LOL LOVE IT!!!

  2. Almost Heaven has been on my to-read list and after this podcast it’s getting moved to the top of the list. All That Matters was great and I have a feeling this setting may make Almost Heaven even better for me.

    The Crush sounds fantastic too. Looking forward to hearing the reading of that!

    I second the ideas of making audio books and also putting outtakes on your website!

  3. That was a great show. The folks on the train thought I was a total nut job for laughing uncontrollably. Heading over to your site to pick up Almost Heaven and Arbor Vitae. Woohoo!


    • Thanks Susan. Thinking of you laughing out loud on the train made getting up early to post it totally worth being tired.

  4. Love the show! My first time listening. Susan is my fav author. The best part of the show what talking about Almost Heaven. I had alredy read it but it was fun hearing you guys talk about it. All That Matters is my fav book as well. Although its a close tie with found my heart

  5. First let me say thank you. Listening to you, Andy, and Susan laugh on the way to work this morning made my day. My favorite part of the show was when Susan worked in another mention for the breaded clam at the end. All that matters has been my favorite.

  6. My favorite parts of the show were the sneak previews of Susan’s new books. The premise and the setting for The Crush are great. Sounds like it will be a new favorite. 🙂 I also look forward to the work in progress set in Washington, DC.

  7. My absolute favorite is still the San Francisco series. More please!
    The best part of the show? The updates on the current books Susan is working on. It’s great to hear what we can look forward to.

  8. This is my favorite podcast of 2013 so far! Please call the book “Very Straight” so I can use it in the A-to-Z Challenge. Also, I demand a “Bearded Clam Seal of Approval” for the penis-free novels out there.

  9. You guys are crazy. Loved the show. I loved Almost Heaven but I know someone from WV who took offense to it. She thought it was putting down people from WV. I agree with NJ we need more V titles.

    • I get upset when people write about NYC in a negative way. Well, not too upset, since it happens hourly, but I understand no one likes to see her home disparaged.

      Clearly, fiction is never good at using a broad brush to paint a picture. Almost Heaven wasn’t about the entire state of WVA or its people. It was about one family and the way they reacted to being thrown into a permanent state of poverty. I thought it portrayed Cody’s very deep love for a beautiful place. She could have lived anywhere in the world, but she chose to stay right where she was.

      If I’d written about Maddie and her office job in Huntington, the story probably would have been more representative of the majority of West Virginians. But I wanted to show how people can flourish, even in very dire circumstances.

      The last thing I ever want to do is put people down, and I regret that your friend felt that way. That clearly wasn’t my intention.

  10. I recently became an SXM fan. I am also fortunate enough to have been selected to be her mentee, thanks to GCLS’s mentoring program. Because she is my mentor, obviously I had to become familiar with her work, so I have read The Legacy and Almost Heaven. I am currently reading All That Matters. I truly enjoyed this cocktail hour. It was great to hear Susan talk about how she comes up with ideas for her books. Of course, I love that you guys all laugh the whole time. It keeps a smile on my face! Thanks!!!

  11. Thanks for commenting, everyone. There’s nothing that motivates a writer more than knowing she’s reaching people. Even when they disagree with her. You just want to know that your work has been read.

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