Last Call with Colette Moody – The Occupational Anus

ch_logoColette Moody ponders the occupational anus, more commonly known as the Internet commenter. Who are they? And exactly what part of speech is “blarg!”?




“Jazzloop” by Florian Ennemoser, available at


7 responses to “Last Call with Colette Moody – The Occupational Anus”

    • I don’t know that I’ve ever actually eaten Green Goddess salad dressing. I just know that when I Googled it, none of the ingredients were (or should be) green, unless you count parsley. Most recipes I found showed a picture of a white salad dressing… and I guess “White Goddess” sounds more like a brothel than a food item.

      • We had Green Goddess regularly at my home during the 70’s. I remember it being ranch-like. I wonder if GG evolved into Ranch.

  1. That was all pretty fantastic, but the one phrase that really caught my attention was “bathe in the waters of the river douche”. I know some people who must apparently do that.

  2. Yes, I have recorded a song on the radio by holding a cassette tape recorder up to the speaker. But I also had someone leave a note on my window for being a terrible parker. In my defense, my car has such a small footprint that a little crookedness offends the eyes but not the cars next to my spot.

    Anyways… I strive daily to read no internet comments on news articles, YouTube videos, and crowded facebook memes, so that I can maintain my mental health.

    Good call, Colette.

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