Episode 64 – KG MacGregor

As some of you already know, I’m a big KG MacGregor fan. I’ve read just about everything she’s written and several of her books are on my favorites list. In prep for this show, I’ve read 10 books and a couple of short online fics. In the past month. That’s a lot. And I loved nearly every single moment of it. So, it’s because of my fan girl status that you’ll have to excuse my nervousness during tonight’s show. Andy, as always, was cool as a cucumber and our guest was fantastic.

We chatted about Playing With Fuego and loads of other stuff. If you’re a fan of KG MacGregor, you’re going to love this episode. Be sure to check out KG’s website regularly to keep up with what she’s got going on. http://kgmacgregor.com

In addition to being a wonderful author, she’s also incredibly generous. For you, the lovely listeners of Cocktail Hour, Ms. MacGregor is offering up two autographed sets of the Shaken Series. That’s right. Two of our listeners will be the proud owners of the four book sets. There are few times I wish I wasn’t a co-host and could enter but this is certainly one of them. All you have to do is leave a comment here and let us know which of KG’s works is your favorite and why. Easy, right? Be sure to have your comments posted no later than May 3rd. We’ll announce the winner on the next episode. Good luck!

If you’d like to enjoy a wonderful Lime Daiquiri while you listen, here’s how I made mine:

2 oz white rum
1 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker that has some ice in it. Shake it up and pour it into a chilled cocktail glass. You can garish with a lime wedge, if you like. Yummy.

Now, go read a good story and let the author know you did. Share the love!

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37 responses to “Episode 64 – KG MacGregor”

  1. Great episode! It’s hard to pick just one. I think it’s the Shaken Series. They never seemed to fail to amuse, sadden or surprise you with the tales KG told. I especially loved Anna telling Andy how they all were related.

  2. I certainly love the Shaken Series, but as favorite? Hmmm. I’d probably have to say Mulligan, because it was on of the first books I read by KG, as well as overall. I arrived at this lesbian reading party late, but I think I’m about caught up. LOL

  3. The whole shaken series. Even have a refrigerator magnet for the series.
    Worth Every Step. Makes me want to climb a mountain. (Severe asthma and all).

  4. here are my favorites… in order of frequency I have re-read them:

    Shaken Series
    Photographs of Claudia
    The House of Sandstone
    Secrets so deep
    Out of Love
    Just this Once
    Malicious Pursuit
    Playing with Fuego
    Sea Legs
    Sumter Point
    Worth Every Step

  5. KG is an incredible talent. I’d have to say one of my favorites of hers to date is Worth Every Step. I felt as though I was tackling that mountain right along with her and I wanted to book my own trip the second I finished the read.

  6. I’m still listening to the interview but I had to get this down while it was fresh. I love KG’s work and I’ve bought all of her books. I have to say that “Out of Love” has always been my favorite book. I’ve probably read it four or five times. I just love those women. The thing is that now I have a whole new appreciation for “Rhapsody” and for Julia. I look forward to re-reading it sometime soon.
    Thanks for a fantastic show.

  7. Love that you have finally gotten this up! I love her Shaken Series….the dynamics between Anna and her pigmy….LOL it was great.

  8. I feel a major KG MacGregor books obsession coming on. Just read Mulligan yesterday and loved it. Trying to decide what to read next…

    • NJ – I downloaded the sample for the published version of Malicious Pursuit. If it grabs me, I’ll buy it and read it with you. I’m down for buddy reads of the others you bought, too. Mostly Lesfic or forum?

  9. Halfway through Malicious Pursuit tonight, what a great ride. How about forum? When I come up for air from reading, I have some thoughts on Mulligan too, for the forum.

  10. Wonderful and very insightful conversation. As I’m somewhat new to the online “community” part of lesfic, I just googled Caring for Kara. What a fantastic and heartwarming endeavor. I hope Kara is doing well.

    I’ve only read four of KG’s books so far. Two more are already purchased and waiting for free time. Of those I’ve read, Rhapsody is my favorite. I always thought there are more people out there like Ashley than we realize. To hear KG mention the couple she knows who have been in such a relationship for 50 years affirms that. Pretty incredible, really, that these individuals find each other and have a lasting relationship. Sort of gives one hope that there really is someone out there for each of us, no matter our intricacies.

  11. I started reading KG because my wife, the romantic, loved Without Warning. My favorite is probably Malicious Pursuit or Just This Once.

    I love KG’s insights on the lesfic community and about her story lines.

  12. My favorite one is The Luck of the Irish. Any chance that this will become a full lenght novel one day?

    Thanks for the great show!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed that one, Alena. That story was actually a by-product of what eventually became Sumter Point. I began writing Luck with the characters Audie & Beth, and became more intrigued about the backstory of how they met. I set Luck aside and wrote Sumter Point, thinking Luck might be a sequel. But once the book was finished, Audie & Beth didn’t really fit the Luck story anymore, so I used Jackie, who was one of the minor, minor characters in the book. A novel-length version of that story might not be much fun to write (or to read) because it would require a long separation for Jackie & Abigail, with lots of misunderstandings & hurt feelings. Rising conflict an essential part of the story arc, and I don’t think most romance readers would enjoy seeing the lead characters at odds throughout most of the book. The short story format let me bring them back together quickly.

      • I read Sumter Point for that reason. I liked that one too, but it never touched me as much as The Luck of the Irish did. I agree though, the story would be very depressing if it would be novel-length. I’ll just have to reread it once in a while I guess.

  13. I enjoyed the show. I found KG’s writing quite recently via her published books. (I hadn’t read any of her stories posted online.) I’d choose Photographs of Claudia as my favorite book by KG. I haven’t yet read all of her work but based on the discussion on the show it sounds like there are many new favorites to look forward to.

  14. i love all KG’s books
    the ones i reread the most is Sea legs, Worth every step,Just this once and of course The Shaken series, but Rhapsody,Photographs of Claudia and Playing with fuego are quickly catching up

  15. I enjoyed the show. This is my first encounter with KG as I have not had the pleasure of reading her work as of yet. I will definately in the near future. The ones that stood out for me would be Playing with Fuego and of course Malicious Pursuit, now that I know she would sleep with Alana Diaz I have to read it!!!

  16. I am a relatively “new” KG fan. I recently read Rhapsody and loved it and Ashley. I look forward to adding more KG books to my bookshelf very soon. When I find an author I like, I have to consume all of their work! Keep writing KG!!

  17. I, sadly, have only read Photographs of Claudia, but I really did enjoy it a lot, and look forward to reading a lot more of KG’s books 🙂 Great interview! i had fun listening!

    • Photographs of Claudia is very good and I know you’ll enjoy some of the others. I highly recommend the Shaken Series and Just This Once. And House on Sandstone.

      Thanks for listening!

  18. I think I read the first story online when I was new to the lesfic world 4 years ago. I am really wanting to read this series now. Everyone loves them so much, I know they have to be good! Is it too late to join in for the giveaway? I am not sure if I can qualify though. I loved the podcast, nice to hear you all flustered when you speak to a favorite author!

  19. There are so many books and stories on my re read list. My favorites are Just This Once, Stolen Souls, Mulligan, Malicious Pursuit, Sea Legs, the Shaken Series-esp. Without Warning. I like the idea of letting Anna & Lily living happily ever after, with children. lol
    I just picked up Playing With Fuego and Photographs of Claudia. I look forward to reading them very soon.

  20. I want to say thanks to everyone who tuned in, and who took the time to post a comment here. I know each time I write a book that not everyone will like it, but it’s extremely gratifying to see that practically every one I’ve written is someone’s favorite. It’s liberating to me as a writer because it frees me to keep telling the stories that interest me without having to worry that I’m leaving readers behind. I enjoyed the Cocktail Hour very much. Maybe they’ll have me back sometime.

  21. My favorite Twitter feed is from “Florida Man.” The weird stuff he gets into — maybe some of his incarnations are originally from Miami!

    Ditto on Cheri’s comments about preferring to read about real people.

    We have the original “Shaken” and also the newer four book set (all signed!). I agree, it doesn’t need a sequel. It’s a great series.

    KG’s blog about Kara & the Chick-Fil-A contrast is one of my all time favorites. I’ve saved it & read it periodically and it makes me cry every time. Cheri, here’s the link:


    Can I vote here for best show? Oh, I guess this one doesn’t qualify because it’s not 2012. This show is head & tails above the rest. Thank you all.

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