Flicks and Swizzle Sticks-Black & White Movies vol. 1

Good evening, all! I sat down again with Mike to discuss 4 black & white movies from 4 different decades and we had one hell of a time! We unintentionally stumbled upon a theme with our movie selections (none of which I had previously seen) when we realized there were a lot of characters that thought they were much more relevant than they actually were. Norma Desmond wasn’t the only one with an inflated ego…

We discussed Sunset Boulevard, Manhattan, Ed Wood and Good Night and Good Luck. I enjoyed every one of these films and I want to thank everyone that entered the drawing by commenting on the earlier post and the Flicks facebook page. A hearty congratulations to Pat for winning this round! Our next show comes from an overwhelming demand from listeners to feature lesbian-themed shows, and we already have quite a few people entered for the drawing. I’ve already convinced the lovely Georgia Beers (keynote speaker at this year’s GCLS) and Cheri the Rev to join me on our next adventure. Comment below to get entered to win! You can also enter by emailing me at nikki@cocktailhour.us or on the facebook page. I will be announcing the selected films as soon as we finish pilfering the entries and our memories for our favorites. Good luck! And fear not, we’ve gotten so many recommendations for our next show, there will be at least two iterations for you to enjoy.

Now onto the booze! We felt inspired by our movies to create our very own drink and have christened it the I’M STILL RELEVANT! 

1/2 shot blood orange vodka
1/2 shot pineapple rum
1 shot peach juice (or nectar)

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a martini glass before topping with chilled tonic. We garnished ours with cut strawberries. And if you’re looking for some blended goodness, you can put the ingredients (strawberries included) in a blender with ice to create a very tasty frozen beverage. Highly recommended addition!

17 responses to “Flicks and Swizzle Sticks-Black & White Movies vol. 1”

  1. Listening now. I MUST see Sunset Blvd. Any movie with a dead pet monkey is a must see. But I may prefer to just have Nikki recite all of Norma Desmond’s lines.

  2. Knitting booties in 20 minutes? Pffft! What an awfuly researched movie!

    I have no idea what you have nominated for the lesbian movies already, but check out The World Unseen if it didn’t make in on the list yet. Or another favorite one of mine, The Marine Story.
    “I can’t run anymore!”
    “Are you going to throw up?”
    “Then you can go another ten miles.”

  3. Your commercial voice on the audible.com announcement is perfect! You & Cheri should have a “Best Voice” contest.

  4. Added Ed Wood to my Netflix list. Loved Citizen Kane! Good Night, Good Luck was good too. Norma Desmond seriously creeped me out. Good show, thanks!

    • I can’t imagine someone not liking Ed Wood. It’s one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve seen in a long time. Glad you enjoyed the show!

      But yeah, I just can not enjoy Citizen Kane! Should I have my movie fan card taken away?

  5. Okay, I have to declare that I have not seen Ed Wood – but based on the feedback here, I’m obviously going to have to rectify this situation quickly!

    Good Night and Good Luck made me even more of a fan girl of George Clooney (having lasted for 9 series of ER on the basis of him, Anthony Edwards and of course Laura Innes). Great movie and highlighting a period that as a Brit, I wasn’t greatly aware.

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