Episode 12 – Rebecca Buck & Winter Pennington

This time out, we talk with debut author Rebecca S. Buck and author of the Kassanda Lyall series, Winter Pennington. We truly enjoyed both of these Bold Strokes Books offerings, Truths and Raven Mask, and recommend them. You can read more about Rebecca at her website: http://www.rebeccasbuck.com/ and more about Winter at hers: http://winterpennington.blogspot.com/. You can buy their books at Bold Strokes: http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com/.

This episode is a bit longer than usual but we had such a great time talking with the authors that there wasn’t much to cut out. We hope you have as much fun listening to the show as we did recording it. The conversation over on Facebook afterward was even more interesting. We can’t wait to see some Kassandra Lyall merchandice over at Cafe Press!

Our drink for this episode was the French Martini. It was FANTASTIC!  You can see a pic of The Rev’s on our Facebook page.

In a shaker with ice, combine equal parts Grand Marnier and Chambord with a splash of pineapple juice. Shake vigorously then pour into a martini glass.

2 responses to “Episode 12 – Rebecca Buck & Winter Pennington”

  1. I obviously am not keeping up well enough with what’s going on! I had no idea that Winter’s first book, Witch Wolf, received Honorable Mention in the 2010 Rainbow Awards for Best Lesbian Paranormal/Horror.

    Congratulations, Winter! Very well deserved!

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