Episode 73 – Jae

For this very special episode, Andy and I were joined by one of our favorite authors, Jae. It’s been just over two years since Jae chatted with us on episode 21 and there was a lot to catch up on! This was one of those rambling episodes that took us all over the place but we tried to stay primarily focused on Second Nature. I led us astray a lot. But many of you are used to that so it should be ok. Be sure to go over to Jae’s website. She’s got loads of information for readers and writers there.

Jae suggested Amaretto Apple Juice so that’s what she and I had while Andy was still recovering from her shots of whiskey at breakfast. She blamed Barbara Ann Wright’s portrayal of her as a drunkard in the Cocktail Hour Blooper Reel video for her decline into alcohol abuse. Jae has offered up her services when we schedule the intervention, so it’s all good. To make the delish cocktail, pour 1 part amaretto and 3 parts apple juice over ice. I made a double because it was yummy!

For all of you listeners who love to win things, this is truly a special episode. Jae and Ylva Publishing are offering more items for you than any other show we’ve ever had! That’s right, you have SEVEN opportunities to win! We’ve got two mugs with the Natural Family Disasters book cover beautifully displayed, three signed copies of Second Nature, one signed copy of Backwards to Oregon, and one signed copy of Beyond the Trail. All you have to do is let us know what your favorite work of Jae’s is and why and if you’ve not read any of her stuff yet, why the hell not? Easy peasy! Leave your comment here no later than September 6th to be eligible to win. Andy and I will pick the winners during the next show.

Click here to purchase or download a sample of Second Nature or Natural Family Disasters

I spent some time looking at various videos of cats and olives and I picked this one because I’m partial to pets named “Dusty.”

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    • Right now, we’re not planning to produce audio books. Some of the production companies we looked into are simply too expensive, and others (such as ACX) are not open to European publishers. But if an opportunity comes up in the future, I’d be open to it, of course.

    • I forgot to mention that we also have the text-to-speech function enabled on all of our e-books, so you can let your Kindle read the books to you.

  1. I’ve been so looking forward to this episode. I LOVE Jae’s books! I’ve read the online & 1st editions of all the Oregon stories, the 1st edition of Second Nature & Natural Family Disaters, and Something in the Wine. The 2nd editions are on my to buy list so it would be great to win a signed copy from Jae! It’s really hard to pick one favorite. I like westerns, shapeshifter, and romances. I guess I’ll say Backwards to Oregon since I’ve read it a half dozen times…

  2. I have not read any of Jae’s work but from the show and a review you did on Backwards to Oregon that seems like it will be my first. Enjoyed the show also, always seem to end up with a new book to read from one of your shows.

  3. I too love Jae’s work. I have read everything of hers from L-books (ie 1st version) except Next of Kin as I was waiting for it to be made into audio. Unfortunately, we lost Roxanne so that never happened. I have read Something in the wine and very much enjoyed that too! It is hard to pick a favorite, but I think I am going to go with Second Nature, even though I loved Backward to Oregon and comes in slightly in second place. I think Second wins because I love the way Jae portrayed the shape shifting. It seemed much more realistic. I am looking forward to reading the second edition, it is on my to buy list! Enjoyed the episode and can’t wait for the 2nd anniversary show! Can’t believe it has been 2 years!

    • Good luck in the drawing, Marie!

      The next episode will mark our 3rd anniversary. Time flies when you’re having fun and we’ve definitely been having a load of fun.

      Thanks for listening!

  4. 😀

    Loved this show! I was crocheting while listening to it!

    I loved the first edition of second nature Griffin and Jorie are fantstic together, i HAVE to read the revised edition,

    I have read next of kin and conflict of interest, loved these also.

    jae I remember asking you once if the short story that follows on from next of kin will be available again, can you tell me when it will be?
    I loved kade and del they are two of my favourite characters.
    I have not read backwards to Oregon yet but it’s on my list! I really must find time to read more 😉

    Can’t wait for the next show, looking forward to seeing who wins what 😀

    Yay For anniversaries! You guys are most awesome!

    • Thanks for commenting, Carrie. I believe we will bring out “Change of Pace” when we republish Conflict of Interest and Next of Kin. I’m not sure when exactly that will be, since the next book being republished will be Hidden Truths, along with a new Backwards to Oregon short story.

      But I’ll keep you up to date!

  5. This was a great show!! I have read Backwards, and I am going to read the shifter ones for sure now! I love Jae’s accent also! Thanks for a great show!!

  6. Loved the show and buy all of Jae’s books. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but “Second Nature” would just have the edge over”Backwards to Oregon”, probably because I’m also a cat lover. It’s rare to find a fantasy novel where you totally believe in the the created world through every page. Wonderful – thanks!

  7. Whohooo! Thanks for the fabulous blog! I am very pleased to have been one of those randomly chosen by Jae and am grateful to Sandra for being willing to gift a book.
    I’ve bought everything Jae has written and must say that “Backwards to Oregon” and its associated stories are my favorites. Jae, thank you for also writing little vignettes / novellas and allowing us insight into the characters in these prequels and sequels.
    I found your answers about language, culture and writing very interesting and reflective of what I’ve had to navigate in a new culture.
    Andy, good job with the German! Ready for more vocabulary expansion? 😉

  8. I am half way through backwards to Oregon and I am really enjoying it. The way the characters are written and the interaction is great. The hardest part is now I want them to get to the end of the wagon train and start settling. Very good read.

  9. My favorite work of Jae’s is Next of Kin and Conflict of Interest because they were really in depth and believable. From the first page I was drawn into both books. I have yet to read her other books but I look forward to.

  10. I’ve read everything you’ve published, Jae, and really love the length and depth of your stories. One year I brought Conflict of Interest to my family’s home over the winter holidays, and I ended up reading it and and the sequel Next of Kin between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. My nieces were a little perturbed that I chose reading over the LOTR marathon or Apples to Apples games 🙂 I did take a break when we opened the gifts.

    My favorite is Second Nature because I like… cats.

    Also, I enjoyed Something In the Wine, and really liked the short story follow-up Seduction for Beginners.

    Finally, I am in awe of your skills writing (and speaking) English. One day, will you say “y’all” on air?

  11. Backwards to Oregon! Luke and Nora! *sigh* I love that story so, so much. The way their relationship develops along the trail is just wonderful.

  12. I haven’t read any of Jae’s novels, but they’re on my list of books to read. 🙂 I enjoyed the show. I’ll definitely have to give Second Nature and the other books a try soon!

  13. After listening to this podcast twice and going back to the first one. I was wondering if Hidden Truths was going to be done with the new publisher and available for ebook. I did some searching and cannot even find a copy of the book to buy.

    • Hi, Amy. Thanks for asking. All of my “old” novels will be republished with Ylva Publishing, but I’m thoroughly revising them before republication, so it takes a while. So far, Backwards to Oregon and Second Nature have been published. Plus the two short story collections Beyond the Trail and Natural Family Disaster.

      Hidden Truths will be published in spring 2014, along with a new short story about the Hamiltons.

  14. I loved reading Backwards to Oregon. I’ve read it many times. I look forward to reading Second Nature, it’s on my to be read list, which just seems to get longer and longer.

    • Hi, Leeann. Thanks for asking. Yes, actually, there’s a historical romance that I want to write at some time in the future. It will take place in San Francisco, during the earthquake and fires of 1906. I’m not sure when I will sit down and write it, though. For next year, I’m planning on republishing Hidden Truths (historical romance, and a sequel to Backwards to Oregon), and I also want to publish a new contemporary romance.

  15. I love all of JAE’s books. Read all more than once. Have to say Backwards to Oregon is my favorite with Next of Kin running a close second. I’ve been lurking around here listening to most of the older posts for a couple of months now. Really enjoy the show and will continue to follow.

  16. Backwards to Oregon is definitely my favorite book by Jae. Hidden Truths was excellent too. I need to get Beyond the Trail. I enjoyed Something in the Wine, as well. Second Nature will be going on my to-read list!

  17. I love all of Jae’s book, and my VERY favorite is “Backwards to Oregon”, because the old west is one of my favorite time periods in fiction writing. Jae’s writing is so wonderful that you feel like you are there in the story, experiencing it yourself.

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