Episode 78 – Chana Wilson and Riding Fury Home

Hey there dear listeners! This time we’re talking with Chana Wilson about her memoir, Riding Fury Home. The book is very interesting and we think you’ll find the conversation good, too! Give a listen and then go get a copy. A couple of you will be lucky enough to nab a signed copy from the author! Just leave a comment no later than 11/15 and you’ll be entered to win. Good luck and we hope you enjoy!

For more info about Chana and Riding Fury Home, check out her website at http://www.RidingFuryHome.com or on Facebook.

8 responses to “Episode 78 – Chana Wilson and Riding Fury Home”

  1. I really enjoyed the episode, very intrigued with the book. Please add me to the list!
    Nice to see something different.

  2. not one to read memoirs, but the show made this sound so interesting, have added the book to my to be read list thanks

  3. I enjoyed the show. It was interesting to have the discussion about a memoir/non-fiction book this time around and I enjoyed hearing about Chana’s book. It sounds like a very intense memoir. I’m definitely interested in reading it.

  4. Good to hear, Lisa. In terms of intense, yes, Publishers Weekly said
    the memoir is “as heartbreaking as it is uplifting.” You’re in the running to win a copy. –Chana

  5. Sounds really interesting, please add me to the list. My wife is the memoir reader and it would be the perfect Christmas gift.

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