Episode 79 – Paulette Callen

Welcome back, dear listeners! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to check out our newest recording.  Andy took this show off to get some writing done so my favorite guest co-host, Megan, agreed to join in on the fun with author Paulette Callen. Megan and I are both big fans of her work and we have a feeling that you’ll love it, too.

We talked about all of Paulette’s books (Charity, Fervent Charity, Command of Silence, and Death Can Be Murder) and we ran a little long but, honestly, we could have kept going for at least another hour. We worked hard to make this a spoiler free show so you don’t have to worry about that.

Give a listen and then leave a comment letting us know which of Paulette’s works is your favorite and why, or let us know why you’ve not read her yet, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of one of her books. We’ll be giving away one copy of each book so get your comments posted no later than 11/29 to be eligible.

If you want to learn more about Ms. Callen, you can check out her website: http://www.paulettecallen.com.

Thanks for listening and for your continued support. Now, go read a good book!

15 responses to “Episode 79 – Paulette Callen”

  1. I just recently finished reading Charity and was looking forward to this podcast. Now I am looking forward to reading Fervent Charity. Just the sample on the website has already got me intrigued. Will and Lena and Gustie and Jordis are fantastic characters. And Dorcas just brought it all together.

  2. What a super interesting interview -including the history behind the books’ publications and the effort Paulette exerted to see her work reach her audiences made me appreciate the stories all the more! Thank you Cheri and Megan for your perspectives too – so many of them reflect my own. Without resorting to effusive gushing, I want to reiterate my praise – “Charity”, “Fervent Charity” and “Command of Silence” are among my favourite books! The holdout “Death can be Murder” is the only title of Paulette’s that I have yet to acquire . . .hhmmm maybe a Christmas pressie to me?

    It is so difficult to select a _favourite_, but I’d have to admit “Command..” edges the other two out by a hair. The reason was encapsulated by Megan’s comment, i.e. it is so damn “inventive”.
    The mischief in me would looooove to see the next crime investigated by Shiloh &Co. relate to the Sioux or have some connection to South Dakota!
    Thanks again – you’re all appreciated!

  3. I completely forgot to tell Paulette that I was eating apple pie just before the interview …. all the characters drank copious amounts of coffee and ate pie throughout the two Charity books and I wasn’t able to resist when I saw one while grocery shopping. 🙂

  4. I have not read the Charity books, but really want to. I am reading Command of Silence, and am really love the story. It goes right up there in my favorites as far as characters go because Shiloh and Co. are a group I can really relate to. Had to put the book aside for a bit because it is a bit close to home, but I want to know what happens!!

    It is not easy being dissociative, and to get cooperation can be very hard. It took years and years to get things to run as smoothly as they do. When my son was about 4 or 5 he started calling us different names such as ‘Josh’ or ‘Megan” when they were out. We had to make an agreement with the littles just to go by mommy so he would not be confused. He can tell who is out with his back turned and no one speaking….lol

    Sharing the background to the Charity stories was really fascinating. I am going to read those next for sure. The way you pull the reader in with your character development to the point where you realized hours have just past shows how well you write. I cannot wait to read more!!

    The show as usual was wonderful! Missed hearing Andy, but I can hear her in my head now…lol. I loved hearing Megan’s thoughts on things as well as Cheri’s. Just a lot of fun. Can’t wait til next time!!

  5. I haven’t read any of Paulette’s books yet. I backlog is substantial, however, I am really looking forward to reading Charity and Fervent Charity soon. I love the mixing of true stories mixed with fiction. Both sound really good. I also am putting Command of Silence on my list. Great episode!

  6. I’m planning to read Charity very soon. It sounds really interesting. Looking forward to following it up Fervent Charity. From the show it sounds like reading them back-to-back is a good idea. 🙂

  7. I got Command of Silence after it was discussed on an earlier Cocktail Hour. Really liked it. I haven’t read either of the Charity books but they sound good.

  8. Great show. My favorite part was of course when Paulette had to pick a number and said “4”. Amazing, really!

    Charity is the first book I started reading. I am almost finished and will continue Fervent Charity right after that. I am not sure I have the guts to face Commands of Silence, but you made it sound very, very interesting.

  9. Great show, enjoyed the background about the Charity books. Command of Silence has been on my list for awhile so I just bought it. Suspect the others will be added to my list.

    • Just finished it…Will read again since I’m certain interruptions made me miss important things and I will definitly buy the sequel.

      Thank you Cocktail Hour for giving me another author. More importantly, even when I know I wouldn’t want to read something you review I love the show, I’m very glad that author is there and you are here to tell us about it.


  10. Thank you Paulette! The beautiful copy of “Charity” arrived in the mail today and I am looking forward to many future re-reads of your story. I am especially touched by the lovely message written in the front, what a kind and generous act!
    Thanks too to the Cocktail Hour crew – you have an inkling of how special you are to me and I look forward to each episode. Blessings to all. Blu

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