Episode 14 – Windstar, Zee, and K. E. Lane

We had a touch of Empty Nest Syndrome this time around. After the past couple of shows with guests, it was just the two of us and two very good stories. Oh, and a delish drink, courtesy of Ms. Colette Moody. Yes, it’s true. We imbibed in a Twatini. Rev gave it a B+ and Andy forgot the correct measurements of the ingredients and didn’t like hers nearly as much. She’ll have to let us know how she likes it after trying it with the correct amounts.

Listen in as we talk about our thoughts on The Secret History of Vampires by the prolific Windstar and Zee (http://xenafiction.net/styles/athenaeum_deepblue/author_pages/windstarandzee.html), as well as And Playing the Role of Herself by K. E. Lane (http://www.kelaneworks.com). Ms. Lane still has her online version of the story available and you can find it in a few places under the name Dabkey. Here’s a link to one location: http://www.academyofbards.org/authors/dabkey.html or buy it in paperback or ebook format. The Rev downloaded her copy of the ebook from Rainbow eBooks (http://www.rainbowebooks.com) – quickly becoming one of her favorite shopping spots!

We do apologize for not being able to get Noemi by Katia Ruiz into the show this time like we had planned. But we’ll be making up for that on the next show.

A big congratulations goes out to Pixiey for being picked out of the hat and winning our first contest! YAY PIXIEY! And, of course, a very big thank you to Colette Moody for offering one of her books as the prize. You rock!

Here’s Colette’s recipe for The Twatini:

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Chambord
2 oz cranberry juice

Mix together serve over ice with a cherry. Knot in stem optional.

Hope you enjoy the show and the drink!

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