Episode 4 – The Conqueror

That’s right, it’s all Conqueror, all the time. We love the Conqueror and selected a few of our favorites to talk about. We selected Conquering Heroine by CN Winters & Amy, The Conqueror’s Stone by DJWP, Curse of the Conqueror by Enginerd, and The Edge of Nowhere by Annemaart.

And the Conqueror Coffee Cooler was fantastic! Here’s how to make it: take 4 oz of cold coffee, 1 1/2 oz of vodka, 1 oz of heavy cream, 1 oz of coffee liqueur, and 1 tsp of sugar and shake ’em together with some ice. Strain it into a large glass and add a small scoop (or dip for those of you who use that term) of coffee ice cream. Stick a straw in it and enjoy! We did.

Check out the Academy of Bards for lots of great Conqueror stories and here’s a link to a site that Andy recommends that’s all about the Conqueror stories: http://conquerorsite.webs.com/

We also want to share a link to Cas’ blogspot – Xena & Ubers. Cas reads, well, Xena and Uber stories. She does a great job so check her out: http://xena-ubers.blogspot.com/. She’s also available on iTunes so you can subscribe and listen to some great fic while you’re working or driving. Thanks, Cas, for all you do!


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  1. Conqueror stories, in no specific order: The Leader by Storm, DESTINY CONQUERED by Texbard aka Linda Crist, BREACHING BARRIERS by C Paradee, THE CONQUEROR SERIES BY PENUMBRA,
    The Conqueror’s Harvest by ArdentTly ( patricia or trish shields), The Conqueror Series By LJ Maas, Warlord Daze by Katrina, The War: An Alternative Telling of The Price by Kauri, My Lord by Mayt, Resistance by Della Street, Chattel & Thrall Etc. by Dark Angel, THE EMBRACE By CJ Wells, The Boar Hunt by Xenafyre,
    Edge of Nowhere (The) and Path of Thorns by Annemaart, Shadow of the Soul and Queen of Hearts by Melissa Good, Soul Searching – Advocate and TNovan, The Conqueror’s Touch by Xena’s Little Bitch, Conquering Heroine by CN Winters and Amy, The Conqueror By Mavis Applewater, Conqueror and Amazon by romansilence, A World Away and The Conqueror of The Conqueror by Red Hope, The Conqueror’s Destiny by J. A. Zollicoffer, Curse of the Conqueror by Enginerd, I, Conqueror by Susanne M. Beck (Sword’n’Quill), Idylls of the Conqueror by Atara, The Last Conqueror by Kamouraskan and Lariel,
    Warrior…Conqueror…Queen…Bard by Mark Annetts, THE CONQUEROR’S STONE by Djwp, and Unconquered by Pallas.

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