Episode 85 – Catherine M. Wilson

Howdy listeners! Andy and I spent some time with Catherine M. Wilson to chat about her series When Women Were Warriors and the experience of working with Janis Ian to create the audio book of the first in the series. We had a fantastic time talking with Catherine and we hope you enjoy it, too! And two lucky listeners will win some awesome prizes. Catherine has generously offered up a print version of the trilogy AND a CD copy of the audio book. All you need to do is leave a comment letting us know which of the characters in the When Women Were Warriors trilogy is your favorite and why or if you’ve not read the works, why not? Easy peasy, right? Post your comments no later than March 7th and we’ll announce the winners on the next show.

You can keep up with Catherine by visiting her website: http://catherinemwilson.com.

Click here to download a sample or to get a free copy of When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior’s Path.

You can visit Dog Ear Audio to get a copy of the audio book: http://dogearaudio.com/

12 responses to “Episode 85 – Catherine M. Wilson”

  1. I love Maara she was the character that I connected with the most. This Trilogy is very well written, keeps the reader not only guessing the entire time but also keeps the reader entertained. Once you pick the first book up you cannot put it back down until you are done! The book is full of strong characters and a wonder message for all readers, not just women. The only thing I wish for is more books written by Catherine M. Wilson.

  2. I enjoyed the frist book and was grealy intrigued when I was introduced to the kickstarter project through cocktail hour. Following the updates and email messages as the audio book was being done was great. When the final audio compliation was ready, I could not wait to order my set. I must say I believe I fell more for Marra after hearing Janis Ian do the voice she did for her. Not just Marra also Tamris, they are 2 awesome charachters. Would love to have my name thrown in for the print copies. Being that I already have the Janis Ian narration of the first book.

  3. Excellent interview. I’ve read the brilliant books and listened to the fabulous audio. I loved hearing some of the inside info about the recording and what Catherine discussed with Janice Ian about the narration!

  4. In book one I love Sparrow and her free spirit, and her ability to be a ‘friend with benefits’, and emotional supporter, without all the strings. She was a necessary ‘teacher’ for Tamras, and a reliable ‘go to’.

  5. Loved the show! I have the first book to read. 🙂 looking forward to it.

    I was waiting for you to mention me Andy! 😛
    I still love you! you didn’t hurt my feelings (much) 😉
    Not to make you feel bad (well maybe a little) but meeting, and hanging out with you was my number 1 highlight of LA. 🙂

    I’m SO looking forward to DC! And yes you can make it up to me there. 😛

  6. Gnith!!! Haha! That was awesome!

    I think my favorite character is Finn the bard. He’s got the most awesome line: “Whatever you took with you, whatever you may wish to call it, purity of heart, strength of spirit, greatness of soul, you took that and nothing more into the house of wickedness, and you can out of it again, bringing fortune to your friends and ruin to your enemies. If that’s not a hero’s tale, I’ve never told one nor heard one told.”

  7. Great interview, Catherine. I’d have to say my favorite character is Merin. As a retired commander in a large police department, I appreciated and understood the difficult decisions Merin has to make as a leader. Your depiction of her is right on. Sometimes duty and the good of the whole is more important than what you really want to do in your heart. But I also loved Maara. Hard to pick a favorite really when all the characters are so interesting. Thanks for writing a great series. I look forward to listening to the audio book.

  8. I enjoyed the discussion with Catherine and hearing how the audiobook read by Janis Ian came about. I really have no good excuse for why I haven’t yet read When Women Were Warriors. The series sounds great and I even have the first of the books loaded on my e-reader. I’ll have to try it soon!

  9. Awesome show! Catherine, after first finishing this trilogy I thought “Wow, this ranks right up there with Lord of the Rings!”. To hear that was part of your inspiration for this story is truly amazing. I’ve read your trilogy several times and I love your world better than any I’ve discovered so far. From the beginning of the first to the end of the third it just got better and better.

    Maara is my favorite character (loved her reactions to Tamris’s stories – why.)’ but there were so many other great characters. Sparrow, Gnith, Finn the amazing story teller, all the forest people and even Tamris’s aggravating little sister and the conniving Ventil.

    I hope the fact you’re getting a following from teenagers and young adults pulls you into mainstream fandom. I’m in your age group and totally agree about the lack of books with strong girl characters available to us. It’s getting better but we still need more.

    I have the e-books, a print copy or audiobook on cd would be awesome because I could share with a friend or two that I know would love the story and not damage my books.


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