Conversations at the Bar – Rachel Windsor

Andy hung out with author Rachel Windsor the other day. Here’s what she had to say:

Author Rachel Windsor joined me for a Conversation at the Bar. I warmed up to Rachel rather quickly after I found out she is a history ‘ho like me and enjoys erotica. Honestly, what’s not to like? Check out two of her novellas: Prairie Women in Love: Lesbian Lovers Throughout Time Series and Dames with Dames: Lesbian Lovers Throughout Time Series, Book 2.

Rachel has also graciously offered two of her books to two lucky listeners, so make a comment about Rachel’s work or why you haven’t read it. What the hell – you can even talk about historical fiction or erotica. You know I’m easy. You have until midnight April 4th to give us your comments.

Check out Rachel’s website: for details about her work.

Be sure to check out Rachel Windsor’s Amazon page to purchase or download samples of her work.

9 responses to “Conversations at the Bar – Rachel Windsor”

  1. Thanks for hanging out with me, Andy! I had a great time and hope to return again to chat about upcoming volumes from the series.

    Your fellow history ‘ho

  2. I’m a history ‘ho too! 🙂 loved the show, Just found out about your work Rachel, it sounds so good I must check it out! 😀

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