Bar Rag – Sandra Moran Reads from Nudge

Hey there dear listeners! Do we have a special treat for you: Sandra Moran reads from her brand spanking new book Nudge. Not only does she do a great reading, she’s offering up either a paperback or ebook copy of Nudge for one of you lucky listeners. Just leave a comment no later than April 4th and we’ll pick the winner during our next show.

Seriously, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait for Sandra to come back and spend more time with us. Give a listen and then buy a copy or download a sample of Nudge by clicking here.

Oh! I forgot to mention it during the recording but how about that cover?! You gotta love a book with a great cover.

45 responses to “Bar Rag – Sandra Moran Reads from Nudge”

  1. a great cover and after hearing Sandra read from the book I am looking forward to reading the book..

  2. accents were almost not present – ’tis hard to roll in the scottish brogue when Fiona was talking. On the good side I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the reading by Sandra of the first chapter. I’ve already purchased an e-book version of the book, but would terribly LOVE to have an autographed paperback copy!!!

  3. The amazing cover had me intrigued as to the story. Listening to Sandra read the prologue, even after she said , she wouldn’t say prologue ; brought the characters to life. A little insight to each, even though the Scottish accent needs a little work. I am so glad I listened to the reading, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book. Thanks to Sandra for the reading .

  4. Enjoyed the reading Sandra as well as the humorous conversation prior to the reading and afterwards. Have Nudge on my reader and have already started reading the book. The cover design is great. I do believe it looks somewhat similar to one of figures found in the Sistine Chapel. Keep up the good work Sandra!

    • Every stinking time I’m around Andy and The Rev they make me laugh like a lunatic. Or maybe I really am a lunatic, Leslie, and they just bring it out in me …

  5. I really enjoyed the reading from Sandra! I am looking forward to the book! Count me in!
    you guys always have so much fun, it is hilarious listening!

  6. I NEED to read this book so bad! Awesome reading Sandra, ๐Ÿ™‚ this show definitely cheered me up. Hilarious as usual. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Thanks for all the great comments, everyone! Andy and I love having Sandra join us to chat. Can hardly wait until the next time.

    Good luck to all of you on winning the book!

  8. Oh Sah-da!! So that’s what you sound like? Great reading, i think you should be a newscaster as a second job. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really…what a cliffhanger. I must read the rest!

  9. Cool. Thank you all. I am not in the draw for obvious reason .. Spence already organized “Nudge” for me. I already read the prolog (in case I wouldn’t understand). Okay, I did, all words I know anyway .. Thank all of you again.

  10. Fun show. I’m intrigued and this definitely goes on my must have list. Please put my name in the drawing.


  11. Not having a religious background I wasn’t sure your book would interest me. So I was glad the Rev brought this up in the discussion. The reading was interesting though, so I might have to get ‘Nudge’ after all. I also went online & read the description for ‘Letters Never Sent’ – it sounds like a book I would like.

    • Hi Cindy. There is no need to have a religious background. I didn’t come from one either. I’m glad The Rev mentioned that, too. It’s more about the idea of how alike we all are. Please let me know what you think after you’ve read it. Thanks for your kind words about Letters Never Sent. They’re very different books.

  12. Finally found the time to listen to the interview and reading. I have already read the book, but the background information was excellent. You ladies also had me in stitches. Andy, I also have a Hawaiian shirt that I’m (Scottish accent here) “fairly bustin out of.” So, let us all bust together. Oh Sandra, me girlie, ya’ve gawt to practice th accents. I was so hoping for the good Polish accent from the guy in the plaid shirt….lol. Great read! Sandra, I didn’t notice any Kansas accent any different from the way we talk here in Wisconsin, but my sister said you sound like Ellen. Again, great interview!

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