Episode 88 – Fletcher DeLancey

That’s right, Fletcher DeLancey! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Andy so excited about a guest. I mean, Andy’s excited about all of our guests but she was downright giddy over Fletcher. And with good reason – Ms. DeLancey was an absolute pleasure to talk to. She came on to talk about her new novella, Mac vs. PC, but we were all over the place with interesting conversation.

We hope you enjoy Fletcher as much as we did. To make sure you’re able to enjoy even more of her, we’ve got three ebook copies of Mac vs. PC up for grabs. As a special bonus, Fletcher will even send the winners postcards featuring the cover art. Pretty nice of her, right? All you have to do to get entered is leave a comment about whether you use a Mac or a PC and why. Of course, we’re happy to hear any comments you may want to leave about the show, too. All comments posted on or before June 6th are eligible to win. Good luck!

You can download a sample or purchase a copy of Mac vs. PC by clicking here.

20 responses to “Episode 88 – Fletcher DeLancey”

    • Are you not interested in the give away this time around? If so, give us the scoop on your computer preference.

  1. I am a Mac whore (she types onto her MacBook Air balanced on her chest). I steadfastly use all Macs in my campus department despite Technology Services sternly telling me they cannot provide technical support. No problem! – So far, we’ve been able to fix every tech issue and also avoid all those nasty PC viruses. We even opened up an all-iMac CyberCenter, and I expect many toasters as students see the light.

    Fletcher, you are an amazing writer and I am about dying, waiting for your sci-fi series to be published. I was resisting re-reading Without a Front again knowing the revised/expanded version will be released soon, but it’s time, resistance is futile.

  2. Unlike Nancy Jean who has boundless energy.. I am to lazy and to old to whore myself to Mac…..so far… I use PC because I know how.. Learning a new system has not appealed to as of yet… Otherwise I agree with NJ..resistance is futile…. Without a Front must be published SOON!!

  3. Hello hello ๐Ÿ™‚ Great show!

    I have a PC but only because when I bought it, I couldn’t afford a Mac of any kind. I’m not bitter or anything, but I do enjoy my Apple products ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am now a Mac person for my home computer. I had to upgrade from Windows XP and decided to take the plunge with a Mac. I got my tax return back and got a 27″ MacPro about a week ago. It is taking a bit to get used to it, as it is true that I keep looking for the complexity to be there and it isn’t, it is quite simple to use the basics of the system. I work with PC’s and Linux at work.
    I loved Mac vs. PC and to try some of the tips you gave! I LOVED your Voyager stories and read the series once a year. I look forward to your new stories to be published. I am all for a prolog that turned into a full length novel!!

  5. Hey, thanks for all the pressure…I mean, encouragement! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And not to be a Mac shill or anything, but Apple just knocked $100 off the price of its entry level MacBook Airs, so they’re starting at $900. Still not peanuts, but better than they were a week ago.

    Now about my prequel, “The Caphenon”…you know how I said it was 125 pages long already? Yeah, that was a brain fart. It’s more like 250 pages (and counting).

    ~ Fletcher (Oregon Expat is my blogging name)

  6. Definitely a Mac addict. Am now on my 6th or 7th Mac, worth every extra $

    As for the books – the longer the better.

  7. I’ve always had PCs. But to be honest, since I’ve purchased a ipad mini, I rarely spend time on my PC at home after having used one all day at work. I fully believe Macs are better, but I just can’t make myself pull the trigger on the higher price.

    Side note, I love watching Longmire, too!

  8. My wife is also a huge fan of her iPad mini. I thought about getting one too, but it turns out that my eyes aren’t 28 years old anymore, so mine is an iPad Air. Not quite so portable, but a hell of a lot easier to read.

    Longmire starts up in just one more month!

    ~ Fletcher

  9. Don’t worry about writing 250 pages. Write mooore! That’s one of the things I loved about the Past Imperfect series. I even went as far as watching 1 1/2 Voyager shows. But honestly, they are no fun on TV. Lynne is missing.

    • I have exactly the same problem watching my Voyager DVDs these days. No Lynne, no Revi, Kathryn accomplishing zero personal growth in seven years…ugh. But I’m honored that I inspired you to watch 1.5 episodes!

  10. I am a PC person, always have been. But I’m sure some day, if I could afford one I would buy an Ipad.

  11. I’ve always had a PC but over the last 10 years really haven’t used it for much more then financial records and income taxes. The prevalence of virus attacks, constant hours taken up by everything wanting to update every time I turn the damn thing on drives me nuts. I bought an iPad last year and I love it. Of course I’m only using it as an e-reader and internet access device, but I’ve found wonderful sites like this one and oregonexpat. My PC is running windows xp. I will not be upgrading! I’m buying a Mac-mini.

    Fletcher, I read Mac vs PC on your web site last year and liked it enough to buy the published version. I’ve read the Voyager series at least three times. Love your writing and am watching for publication of the Caphenon. Freaking long epics by excellent writers are my favorites!


    • CW, thanks for the props. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I can tell you that The Caphenon is now over 88K words and getting stronger every chapter, so you can definitely expect another freaking long epic.

      Good luck with that Mac mini! They’re great little machines, esp. if you already have the monitor/keyboard/mouse and don’t need to buy another set.

  12. So my birthday is in a couple weeks. We were at Best Buy checking on a bluetooth for my phone. I was checking out the iPad Air units, just looking of course! My wife says why don’t you go ahead and get one for your birthday? So I did! So, now I have my original iPad, which my wife uses, my iMac 27, and now the iPad Air! I think I am officially an apple whore!

    Thanks Fletcher for getting me started!!

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