Bar Rag – Susan X. Meagher Reads from Inside Out

She’s baaaaack! And we were thrilled to have her. Yep, Susan X. Meagher spent a few minutes with Andy and me last night to give you all a little taste of her newest stand-alone novel, Inside Out. We hope you enjoy it!

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of two ebook copies. All comments posted on or before June 6th, 2014 will be eligible to win. Good luck!

You can download a sample or purchase the book at Amazon by clicking here or give Susan a bigger cut of the profits by buying direct from Brisk Press. No matter which way you get your copy, we’re confident you’ll love the book. Even though she didn’t name it Cocktail Hour.

12 responses to “Bar Rag – Susan X. Meagher Reads from Inside Out”

  1. Of course I bought it straight away…like all of your books..:-) and I thoroughly enjoy redingote at the moment…;-) thanks Susan you are great!!

  2. Really looking forward to the book! My birthday is in a couple weeks,so if I don’t win,I am getting it then. Can’t wait to read! Excellent bar rag

  3. I’m not sure. . . I might have to wait . . .for one of those days when I have nothing to use my excess cash on! 😉

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