Episode 5 – L. J. Maas

This episode, Andy and The Rev are joined by Sue Garrett, Chief Scribe over at http://www.conquerorslibrary.com/. They’ve even set up a separate section for L. J.’s work: http://www.conquerorslibrary.com/ljmaas.htm.

We hope you enjoy the show! We had lots of fun doing it. And The Rev discovered that gin affects her memory and nearly puts her on equal footing with Andy’s menopause related CRS (can’t remember shit) Syndrome. We enjoyed Gin and Tonics and, after that, Rev also enjoyed the Gin Rickey.

And Sue solved the riddle of which fic has the big ol’ ivory phallus. It’s in the Conqueror and Amazon Series by romansilence, Echoes of Darkness. I read the part she told me about and I do believe this is the right story. She ROCKS!


4 responses to “Episode 5 – L. J. Maas”

  1. CRS Syndrome? Well…okay yeah. *snorts* Name it and claim it I always say. Sue, you ROCK! Rev, have you had your fill of phallus' yet? LOL

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