Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Location! Location! Location!

Watch Nikki, Georgia Beers and Melissa Brayden discuss three special movies while drinking delicious cocktails. Today’s theme features films where the locations not only serve as a backdrop, but are integral to the plot of the film. We chose Mystic Pizza, Dangerous Beauty and Frances Ha for this go ’round, but I get the feeling this could be another show that can have multiple sequels.

Anyone that comments during the show at the Google Plus page or here are entered to win a free dvd/blu ray of the movies discussed. Speaking of free movies, we want to congratulate Cheryl Hanson for winning a free movie from last month’s show! We will be contacting you soon to find out which you want out of the following: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Valley of the Dolls or Taxi Driver. If you listened to the show, you know which one we would pick…

Again, thanks so much for watching and listening. We really couldn’t do this without our fantastic fans!


7 responses to “Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Location! Location! Location!”

  1. “A complete different dialect from the Portuguese locals to the white locals”
    Really? Why are you implying Portuguese are not white? Portuguese are white or, at least, the majority of them are. Of course, like in the USA, we have ethnic minorities. Considering the Portuguese living in New England mostly come from Azores, I’d say the probability of them being white is close to 1.

    • @wildlx why so defensive? Portuguese are mostly Mediterranean race (Caucasian), meaning most of us have olive skin, dark hair and eyes. Not sure that qualifies as white people. But then again being “white” is very subjective. Perhaps we fall in the middle of black and white? I don’t really care, either is cool with me.

      Anyway, I pretty much enjoy your show last night. I’m now watching Frances Ha. You guys did a great job describing her and the movie! The only thing missing was my drink, but I was late and your tech complication covered 30min of live show for me. I hope Georgia Beers is feeling better, tech prob happen all the time and the important thing was seeing you guys all “together” in a show discussing interesting subjects drink in hand.

      When is the next hang out on air? And where can I look for new ones?

      All the luck,
      Sara T.

      • Hi Sara! I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I usually have a show every month (pending scheduling) and I announce them all over on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FlicksAndSwizzleSticks). You can follow us there for info and announcements.

        You can also follow Cocktail Hour on Facebook to get announcements for their shows!

        Good luck in the drawing!

      • @Sara T. I’m not defensive. I was just trying to make Nikki see that what she had said in the podcast was not correct. I’m sure that Nikki, being a scientist, agrees with that posture. Anyway, regarding what you wrote. There is not such a thing as a “Mediterranean race”. The concept of a Caucasian race included all Europeans, not just those from the south. And, more importantly, race is a social construct. Racial categories make no sense when considering human genetic variance.

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