Conversations at the Bar – Lynn Ames

Andy and I are always thrilled when we have the opportunity to chat with the lovely Lynn Ames. Tonight we’re delighted to be able to share her with you while she discusses her brand spanking new novel, Bright Lights of Summer.

Check out the show and then go pick up the book! You can get a sample or purchase a copy directly from Phoenix Rising or from Amazon. Be sure to head over to

14 responses to “Conversations at the Bar – Lynn Ames”

  1. Thanks for another great interview. Lynn Ames is not only a wonderful writer but such a fun person. I already have my very own autographed Ramblers hat, and my very own autographed copy of Digging for Home. But somehow I do not own a copy of Bright Lights of Summer yet. I am hoping to win one! You guys are always entertaining!

  2. Thanks for a great interview, it was amazing how much time and effort went into the book. That is some real dedication to the history of softball and the details in the book! I didn’t realize just how much until this interview and the documentary sounds like it will be pretty incredible also ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am getting a copy of “Bright Lights of Summer” for Christmas from my partner. I also want a copy of “Digging for Home” So hope Santa is reading this. Love your writing and the research you do to make it so great. Keep the books coming, I will always buy them.

    • You can see all of our shows right here on the website. Most of our shows are audio only and you can listen here or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

  4. I had to come back and watch the beginning of the show, since I came in at the end the other day. So looking forward to reading the book and the history of the game that Lynn shares with the readers.

  5. Your interviews, and Lynn in particular, all rock! I would love to read the book in print. (eye problems w/ screen time prohibit ebook enjoyment.) But just listening is a prize in and of itself. (I would still love to win something! I’m way too big still for her t-shirts, however)
    thanks for the hour of laughs and learning!

  6. Great interview! Dot seems like so much fun. My partner and I meet you in Portland but didn’t get the books. So any of the books would be appreciated.

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