Conversations at the Bar – Carole Wolf

Welcome to another Conversations at the Bar! This time around, Andy and I were joined by the gracious and talented author Carole Wolf. Together we weathered internet and Skype issues to bring you info on Carole’s newest release, Everything.

Ms. Wolf is offering up an ebook copy to one of our lucky listeners. Just leave a comment no later than 3/13 to be eligible to win.

Give a listen and then go check out the book. You can click here to download a sample or purchase Everything.

4 responses to “Conversations at the Bar – Carole Wolf”

  1. Would love for a strong lesbian character book to win a Pulitzer too!! And thanks for the insights on Everything. I see that writing it was powerful enough to create some major changes in your life. I look forward to reading a such a powerful book as yours.

  2. Such a wonderful and personable author. I’ve wanted to read ‘Everything’ since Carole Wolf first posted about it. A Pulitzer would be the icing on the cake for such a gifted writer.

  3. Awesome interview Carole- and agree our books should be the same caliber as mainstream lit. Everything was great and one of the best books I’ve read!

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