Episode 98 – Fletcher DeLancey & The Caphenon

The wait is finally over! Fletcher DeLancey’s brand new SciFi novel, The Caphenon is available today and we’ve got her first!

After you watch, leave your comment answering the caste question and get entered to win either a copy of the ebook or some great swag items. Comments posted on or before 4/3/15 are eligible to win.

40 responses to “Episode 98 – Fletcher DeLancey & The Caphenon”

  1. I picked up the ebook this morning and was looking forward to watching the live interview and I missed it, bummer, but love that I can watch it any time I want.

  2. I am so looking forward to reading this! I read all of the fanfiction, but I vaguely remember the caste system. I am not sure where I would fall in. Is there a bunny caste?

    Loved the show, I laughed and this really made me even more interested than I was to begin with!! Wishing the best of sales for Fletcher, thank you for sharing your heart, soul, and mind with all of us! This series is going to be a great deal of fun!!

    • Pixley, there’s no bunny caste, but aren’t all rabbits builders at heart? At least, when they have the opportunity to dig.

      Thank you for such lovely wishes, and I’m glad you laughed with us! (It’s hard not to laugh in the company of Cheri and drunk Andy.)

  3. I went to the website and looked at the Caste system – I do think I am part of the caste apart. The Crafter caste suits me. The shield design is perfect. I could be a secular Scholar, I can be a bossy know-it-all… with the accompanying ‘tude 🙂

  4. I would be crafter class, but my cat is definitely the warrior. Mom’s a scholar 🙂 and I can’t wait to read this–though I’m tempted to dive back into the Voyager stuff too 🙂

    • Shay, want a suggestion? Dive back into the Voyager stuff after you finish The Caphenon. I’ve been hearing about withdrawal symptoms, and apparently that’s the best solution. 🙂

      Congrats on having a warrior cat. I have two cats and neither of them are warriors…

      • okie dokie. i suspect i will hear similar things about Banshee. . .so glad you did this though. I remember reading the Voyager stuff way back when and loving it so much and knowing you could tell some amazing sci fi stories.

  5. In our wee cottage tucked away in the Cotswold hills of England…there aren’t many opportunities to explore into which caste my spouse Suz and I would fit…
    However… I hate reading instruction manuals …and Suz ONLY reads instruction manuals…so I guess we don’t belong in the same caste! However….
    I want to be seen as a Warrior…(cos I have delusions of grandeur!!!)….but I was a teacher for 32 years so I guess I’m really a Scholar !!!!
    My Suz is a Scientist and an empiricist so she is a scholar too. Hopefully there is space within one caste to be different as well as the same?
    I am 35% of the way through The Caphenon ebook..I was one of those waiting just after midnight for it to arrive in my Kindle..AMAZING…trying to ration it so I wont read it all in one day!!! Really enjoyed the interview…Well done all. xx

    • I don’t know, Mel, some teachers have to be warriors! Especially if you’re teaching teenagers. At any rate, there is definitely room for all sorts of diversity within each caste. How boring would it be otherwise? 😉

      Good luck on that rationing effort…it’s all about will power! (Personally I have none, but I can respect those that do.)

      • I was Deputy head of large Comprehensive (High) school…love adolescents. ….rather a class of 16 year olds than 1 pre-schooler!!!

  6. Loved the live interview! Great conversation and excellent gin choices! All of my questions were answered without having to ask them – you covered all the bases. Perhaps I’ll have more questions once I’ve finished reading the book. I look forward to future webcasts.
    I am Crafter caste and both of my cats would be Warrior caste, based solely on their recent fighting!

  7. We did cover a lot of bases, didn’t we? Of course we also happily blabbed on for 15 minutes over the hour…at any rate, I’ll be checking in on this page periodically, so feel free to ask questions once you’ve finished the book.

    They were fine gin choices! I’m going to look for that Bombay Sapphire East next time we’re in the store. And I think I’ll get us a bottle of Hendricks (and a cucumber) to celebrate the success of The Caphenon. It’s already #1 in LGBT sci fi!

    (*whispering* Don’t tell Cheri, but Hendricks gin with lime is AWFUL. It really shines with a slice or two of cucumber.)

      • Oh yes indeed, tonic. It’s just like a regular gin and tonic except garnished with thin slices of cucumber instead of lime. Cucumber is the ascendant essence in Hendricks, so when it’s paired with a real cucumber, that fresh, summery flavor really comes out. Plus, when you finish the drink, you get to crunch up those alcohol-soaked cucumber slices — yum!

  8. I’ve decided Patsy cat is Scholar caste. Hunter cat thinks he is Warrior caste, but mentally he has not reached the Age of Ascension, so we’ll see.

    If he is a Warrior, he’s the sweetest Warrior who ever lived.

  9. Scholar by day, crafter by night and a warrior cat that leaves me presents of dead mice and doves. Let’s see if the new puppy will be a builder. I sure could use someone to dig holes in the garden. On command only, of course!

  10. Just finished the book. I laughed, I cried, I lusted, I got very little sleep. Happy now? And I am totally a scholar.

  11. That was a very interesting and entertaining episode. I liked Star Trek Voyager, and I’m not sure why I never came across Fletcher’s fanfic. I’m looking forward to reading The Caphenon. I fall into the secular scholar caste.

  12. Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! (by the way, sharing this on Women and Words today, because, you know, Fletcher is AWESOME. And Cocktail Hour is AWESOME. And I want to be associated with all your collective AWESOME!)

  13. Just had time to watch the show now. Thanks, the interview was fantastic. I’m just reading the book for the second time, much more slowly to savor all the finer nuances of the writing. I’m a big fan already.
    I’d like to belong to the Crafter Caste, but I’m probably not creative enough. As a physican, nerd and terrible nosy person I belong to the Scholar Caste.

    • I have it on good authority from Lancer Tal that merchants are known for their nosiness…but if you’re a physician, you’re definitely in the scholar caste.

      Loved hearing that you’re reading a second time, slowly. You are exactly the kind of reader I write for — the ones who savor the layers and textures.

  14. I’ve read the Caphenon twice, the Past Imperfect series several times and the online version of Without a Front and follow up novella at least once. I love your work and look forward to the next two adventures on Alsea. Enjoyed the interview as well.
    After much thought I think I would belong to the Builders class even though I’d be retired and obsolete. And I want a cap that says “For Fahla and Alsea”. 😉

  15. I was finally able to listen to this podcast. Honestly, I’m not a fan of SciFi, but…all of the questions and discussions here intrigued me. I love hearing about some of the processes Fletcher went through in developing and writing this book. The background on developing a new time system, the concept art (which came out great), and how the shield inspired a legend of the Alseans and had to be woven throughout the story. Hearing all of these tidbits always makes me more invested in the book.
    I downloaded the excerpt this morning. After 2 chapters, the hook was set and I look forward to reading the whole thing.
    Caste system, hmmm. I think I straddle the Scholar and Builder classes as an engineer working in science research at big university. BTW, love the sheilds and the use of the 5 stars to describe each caste, but unify them as a whole people.

    • Sharon, thank you for taking a chance on a genre you don’t normally read. As I said on the podcast, good science fiction is really just about people.

      And I’ll pass your compliment regarding the shields to my lovely wife, who designed them. She’s a star.

  16. Sharon, I’m so glad you took a chance and read the excerpt and got hooked like we did. Reading Fletcher’s work should come with a warning label “You will have withdrawal when the book is over.”

    Fletcher, what caste is comprised of loud, smart-ass, braggarts?

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