Cocktail Hour Holiday Extravaganza with Colette Moody

Murder, mayhem, and booze – just another holiday show with the Cocktail Hour Crew. We’re joined by our traditional guest Colette Moody to discuss Joe Hill’s NOS4A2. We all enjoyed the book and most of Kate Mulgrew’s narration. You can download a sample or purchase NOS4A2 by clicking here.

We’re giving away some sweet Cocktail Hour swag, thanks to our latest generous donor. Just leave a comment letting us know who you would cast in the broadway production of Colette’s book, The Seduction of Moxie and you’ll be entered to win. Comments must be posted on or before January 8th to be eligible. Good luck!

8 responses to “Cocktail Hour Holiday Extravaganza with Colette Moody”

  1. Awesome episode guys! I laughed the whole time!
    I would have picked Robin Williams for Smokey Bender but, yeah, I miss that guy.
    You kinda made me want to read NOS4A2 which is saying a lot since I don’t really like horror.

    Thanks a lot for everything you do. You fucking rock ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Alexis!

      Robin Williams would have rocked as Smokey Bender!

      If you do ebooks, you can always download a sample and see if it holds your attention. And if you’re an audible member and get the audio book, you can return it no questions asked if you don’t like it. It was a good book.

  2. Enjoyed the show, love when you both have a bit to much to drink. Always have me laughing. Not a book I would read, but enjoyed the laughs. As for the seduction of moxie, I have not read it, but based on description of Moxie. I think Lady Gaga would be a good choice to play Moxie. Always enjoy the show. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

  3. First off…woot! It’s Moody! And then Andy, Goddess, you so needed to set that knife on fire after stirring your drink–pulling the flaming sword out of the booze of drunky times would have been fun. And thirdly, I have to say, without seeing all of the show, I’d vote for Bebe Neuwirth for any applicable character in Moxie because, c’mon, its Bebe freakin’ Neuwirth! Andy, for a Kate Mulgrew narrated book that’s super awesome because of her narration, you should check out the Voyager book, Pathways by Jeri Taylor. Oh, that one Voyager episode should be that utterly cheeseball ep with the giant bugs, just for the Janeway does Ripley action. Count me in on the vote for more Moody. I do agree that this year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs…probably moreso than most of the past few. As always, I enjoyed the show ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Holidays.

  4. We always can enjoy more Moody, please stay healthy this year. Fun show as always! Andy, your choice of stir sticks is frighting, but I understand reaching for what is handy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Seduction of Moxie is one of my favorite reads. I revel in their exploits and quite forget that these characters are under 30. My suggestion for casting (at this moment because it changes often): Tatiana Maslany as Vi; Emma Watson as Moxie; Sophie Turner or Kate McKinnon as Wil; and Lady Gaga as Sophie, the vile Hollywood superstar

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