Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag #13

This Bar Rag is brought to you by Brenda Barton and Cheyne Curry. They put this episode together to share some information about their new film, Survived By… There are some bonus interviews after the trailer with the screenwriter, producer, and some of the actors. We hope you enjoy! And we hope that you’ll feel moved to help make this project a reality by making a donation. All donations, no matter how large or how small, are gratefully appreciated. And tax deductible! Below is the info you’ll want to have to help out and to stay informed about the project.

Tax deductible donations with a credit or debit card can be made at

Direct donations can be mailed to: 3Grunts Productions, LLC, 1933 Dublin Granvill Rd #240, Columbus, OH 43229

Donations can also be made to the 3Grunts PayPal account using:

And to stay up to date with what’s going on with the film you can go to and

Spread the word!

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3 responses to “Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag #13”

    • You know it’s our pleasure, Cheyne. I thank you and Brenda for taking this on and telling the story that so many NEED to hear.

      Semper fi

  1. I have been following this since I learned about the story. Thank you Cheyne, Brenda, your cast, and crew for bringing this important subject out in the open. This is something that is so very wrong for the families to have to endure. Loosing a family member or friend is horrible enough. To not have everything that a heterosexual couple gets is just making the wound far worse.

    I look forward to each update!

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