Category: J. M. Redmann

  • Episode 26 – J. M. Redmann

    Yes, that’s right. J. M. Redmann joined Andy and me for a chat about, primarily, Micky Knight. Now, if you’ve not read the Micky Knight series, you’ll want to beware of the spoilers. There are some big ones in here. We talk about Micky, New Orleans, writing mysteries, cosmopolitans, and got answers to some listener […]

  • Episode 18 – A. K. Naten and J. M. Redmann

    This episode covers a pair of authors who use their initials instead of first names. Not that it’s important, I just noticed it as I was typing this out. Alrighty then. Here are links that will help you find their work: and Here’s a link for anyone who hasn’t taken the time to check […]