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  • Conversations at the Bar with Shaylynn Rose

    We were very pleased to have Shaylynn Rose hang out with us for a little while to talk about Banshee’s Honor. The new revised and expanded version of Banshee’s Honor. Pretty exciting, right? Give a listen and then go pick up a copy! You can download a sample or purchase Banshee’s Honor by clicking here.

  • Conversations at the Bar – Shaylynn Rose

    That’s right! Prolific author Shaylynn Rose took some time out of her busy writing schedule to chat with me and Andy last night. If you’re a fan of her work – and there’s a lot of it! – you won’t want to miss this Conversation at the Bar. Once you’re done listening, you can follow […]

  • Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag 19

    Our Femslash Con features continue! This Bar Rag features three stories. Here’s where you can find the text versions: What is and What Should Always Be by sHaYcH: Another Break in the Wall by sHaYcH: Into the Fire by Gin: Enjoy and, if you’re reading this on July 16th, happy International Day of Femslash!

  • Cocktail Hour Presents… Bar Rag 18

    And now for the exciting conclusion of Message in a Bottle by Shaylynn Rose! Go read the story here:   We hope you enjoyed the story! Check back later for more Femslash Con specials!